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02 February 2009 | La Paz
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009 | Bahia Tortugas
02 February 2009
11 January 2009
02 November 2008 | Ventura
19 October 2008
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05 May 2008
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02 May 2008
23 April 2008
23 April 2008
23 April 2008 | Ventura


02 May 2008
We are so blessed not only do we get a new engine but we also get new batteries and thanks to Mrs. Cooper, a new slip in the keys while we fix the boat.
The Keys is noted for tranquility and beauty but the birds in the keys are fantastic their sweet songs while working makes the work go easier.

Michael and Aarron are working on the boat and I am in Ojai sewing for the boat.

As a good neighbor Michael is fixing a few things for Mrs. Cooper as the last storm damaged her dock area. They had 3 foot swells and a few items need repair.

But look we have the name on the boat now "Good News". It is right below the window of the dodger.

It looks like another delay 2-3 weeks till departure. But check back from time to time because we are getting closer. See you at SCF in the meantime.

Blessings to all of you, please keep us in prayer and many thanks to are dear friends Dan and Jan for the use of the cottage to sew and rest.

More to Come,


16 April 2008
Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,
It is almost time for us to sail out of Ventura and towards Mexico. We have decided to leave on Sunday April 27th weather permitting. And we will up date you if there is a delay.

Today the plans are to be praying around the world by sailing. Our first port will be in La Paz, Mexico. We will be doing a variety of things there first of all a language class. Then restocking the boat and hauling it out of the water to finish all our maintenance and boat projects; apply new bottom paint.
One of our many planned projects is to install the water-maker the unit will convert salt water to safe drinking water. We have purchased an oversized unit that can provide extra water for those in need, especially in outlaying areas we will be visiting. We have the ability to visit people and places that are often overlooked and underserved.

We are looking forward to meeting missionaries that we have been in contact with in the La Paz area. They are from Bethels' school of supernatural ministry from Redding California, and have been working down there and opened a school in La Paz. We will be learning about the people in the area and offering any help needed to the area churches.
From La Paz, we head up the inside coast of Baja and into the Sea of Cortez to minister in villages and fishing camps that the Lord opens for us, (While we wait out the hurricane season). Following hurricane season we sail to Central & South America, then across the Pacific and to Africa, up to Middle East through to the Mediterranean back to the United States and Homeward bound. We will stop in Ventura for a visit and continue up to Washington State. We will stay as long as the Lord allows. There is a big harvest and we want to do all that God has put into our hearts.
Please pray for us:
1. Favor with the people, Churches and God.
2. Wisdom, Strength, safety and language.
3. That people will be stirred up to know the lord and those who know him will share with others the good news.

Our boat's name is the "Good News".

We have a sail blog site:
How to use it:
1. open the internet
3. go to boats by name
4. select "G"
5. scroll to "Good News"
The blog will open and first you will see the latest news. But you can view all the information on the site. We will have our Bios, Mission Statement, Prayer requests, Praise reports, Destinations and photos posted there. Just click on the box by the item you want to view.
While we are at sea we will have a satellite phone and we can open basic text and receive weather faxes. So think of sending a telegraph while we are at sea. It will be fun.
Our e- mail .
Satellite phone to receive e-mail we pay by the minute and we have 500 minutes. We need 1-2 minutes for each weather fax and so we will pick up as many of our e-mails at port by internet as possible. As soon as we get into port I will e-mail you so you can send photos and large e-mails.

For out reach:
We will focus on Healing, because of the training and many miracles we have seen these last few years. This has opened doors for us to speak into peoples lives about Gods love for them and we have helped bring many people to the Lord. We have music and Sidewalk Sunday School with books, crayons, balloons and bilingual educational supplies. We have soccer balls and bubbles and most of all the joy of our Lord.

Yes, we will also be able to share clean water with small villages that need it. Our big investment was a water maker. We will be able to convert sea water to drinking water at 18 gallons per hour, and thanks to Scott MacDonald we will house this unit on our deck in a new deck box. Water, clean water is quite a commodity in other countries. We want to help as much as we can. So we are bringing a lot of supplies for this project.
So dear friends and family, we ask you to please pray for us, as the Lord leads you. Our God is awesome and I know he speaks to your hearts so pray how he leads you. Also ask the Lord if he wants you to partner with us on this trip. If so you are welcome to fly down and join us at any part of the trip. Just let us know your time frame and we will give you the updated itinerary. If you want to support us financially you can through:

South Coast Fellowship FBO Gallagher's
4050 Market Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Pastor Larry Reichardt
If I could sum up in one word our mission: HOPE! We bring hope to the hopeless. Great or small are not forsaken not forgotten, Jesus is sending the message of Hope to them. He makes all things new. We have a living Hope one that does not disappoint and no matter what story we hear, we know God has the answer, Hope in God.
"The Kingdom of God is at Hand", turn to God.

May God keep you and bless you until we meet again at Jesus' Feet.
Praying around the world,
Deborah and Michael Gallagher

Mysterious Loud Noise

06 September 2005 | Bodega Bay
Well bodega Bay what can I say. This is the strangest marina I have ever seen. They have dead heads in the channel and the channel is thick mud. We also had a lot of fog so first mate (I) was on the bow with headlight to call the clear way.

But we did hire a reasonable diver to replace the loose zinc that was banging on our propeller. And the town was cute the city where the Alfred Hitchcox Movie "The Birds" was filmed.

The marina facilities are very nice there and the people in town we friendly. Headed out in two days.
We reached Ventura by the 9th and wanted to keep going south but we needed to get back to our jobs.

And so we did just that.
Vessel Name: Good News
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 42
Hailing Port: Ventura, CA
Crew: Michael & Deborah Gallagher
About: This is about crew
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