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09 July 2007 | IJsselmeer


09 July 2007 | IJsselmeer

Last sunday I ended up in a big shower. Somehow I had been able to avoid sailing in the rain, just sailing in the rain, what a wo... Sorry, got side tracked, for a long time so it felt a bit strange after all this time.

Normally I feel very much aware of my surroundings and what is going on. But a break in routine may easily set something new in motion.

Of course I was wearing my wet weather gear. Breathable pants, that weren't too baggy for my slim leggs, and a jacket that is showing a bit of wear. Off course I had the hood up, I didn't quite feel the need to get my hair wet.

Never had I been hit by the boom during tacking. My awareness off the surroundings kept my head from painfull collisions.

But not this sunday.
It must have been because of the flap over my eyes that I could not see the movement of the boom and BOOM it hit me on the head (Is this why it is called a boom?). This show how easy it is for a small change in routine to have a big impact on something.

Routine is something that you can trust on and it helps you in doing stuff quickly. But it also opens up posibilities far something to go wrong if the routine changes. Something to remember every now and then. My head is fine by the way, thanks for asking.
Vessel Name: Mister Vee
Vessel Make/Model: Koopmans Stringer 32
Crew: Sven Heesterman
About: Sven Heesterman is the developer of the Mr. Vane self steering system.
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