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01 January 2019 | Little Harbor, Peter Island BVI
06 October 2017 | Dream Chaser in Hurricane Storage
12 February 2017 | The Highlands of Barbuda
12 February 2017 | Mangroves of Codrington Lagoon, Barbuda
12 February 2017 | Mangroves of Codrington Lagoon, Barbuda
12 February 2017 | Highlands of Barbuda
09 February 2017 | Cocoa Beach, Barbuda
09 February 2017 | Cocoa Beach, Barbuda
09 February 2017 | Codrington, Barbuda
07 February 2017 | Cocoa Point Beach and Anchorage, Barbuda
07 February 2017 | Cocoa Point Anchorage, Barbuda
07 February 2017 | Cocoa Beach Anchorage, Barbuda
04 February 2017 | In Codrington at Byron's Cafe, Barbuda
04 February 2017 | Barbuda's South Coast
04 February 2017 | Condrington Waterfront
04 February 2017 | Cocoa Beach aka Diana, Princess of Wales, Beach, Barbuda
03 February 2017 | Near Cocoa Point, Barbuda
02 February 2017 | Coral Beach, Barbuda
02 February 2017 | At Uncle Roddy's
01 February 2017 | Coral Beach, Barbuda

Happy Journey - Safe Return

01 January 2019 | Little Harbor, Peter Island BVI
Hello and welcome to our blog! We have been writing about our travels since we started cruising on our Bristol 45 "Dream Chaser" in 2004! It has been a challenge at times to find a signal or a good enough connection to post stories and pictures. Over the years we hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures. There are some crazy and exciting ones, to say the least. But for now, we are going to discontinue our stories on Sailblogs. Look for us on Facebook while we continue to cruise November through May every winter in the Caribbean. Look for us out there on our 2014 Helia 44 Catamaran or give us a shout or stop by. We'd love to meet you! Fair Winds and calm seas....happy journey, safe return!

Hurricane Maria's Aftermath

06 October 2017 | Dream Chaser in Hurricane Storage
For those curious enough to make the trip to our blog site, we have good news for you! Dream Chaser faired extremely well during both hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. In fact, she has no damage whatsoever, not even one drop of water inside or any scratches outside. It was a nervous time for us not knowing the situation for many days. We have not seen her personally, but our boat watch guy says she is in perfect condition, just the way we left her in May 2017.

Maria made landfall in late September only 20 miles south of Fajardo, Puerto Rico and Puerto Del Rey Marina. Dream Chaser was moved into summer/hurricane storage on the hard for the summer months last May. She was strapped down with heavy duty webbing, which has hooks that are clipped onto rebar, which has been cemented into the ground. We have not had an "official" report but word has it the wind gusts were as high as 140 mph. As of today, Fajardo is still without electricity, power, water and there is some spotty cell service. We hope to know more in the coming weeks and make a decision whether or not to postpone our scheduled departure. For now, fair winds and calm seas.....always!

Barubuda At Last!

12 February 2017 | The Highlands of Barbuda
It has been since on the return of our 4 year sabbatical in 2008 that we were last here in Barbuda. We have always hoped to return to this beautiful, off the beaten path island someday. And finally, this season, after seven weeks of waiting for the Christmas winds and easterly trades to settle, we were able to motor sail from the Virgins in fairly calm seas. This picture was taken on the north coast looking north from atop the cliffs.

Barbuda's Frigate Bird Colony

12 February 2017 | Mangroves of Codrington Lagoon, Barbuda
We met Klaus and Helena on sv Lusea, from Austria, on the beach in Barbuda while enjoying a morning walk. They mentioned that they were interested in doing the frigate bird tour and we were too! Klaus was kind enough to arrange the ride to town and the tour guide for us.

Early the next morning we picked them up in our dinghy and made our way to shore. The surf was crashing in pretty good so we were careful to pull it up on the beach beyond the high tide mark. Then the four of us met our cab driver near the end of the road at Cocoa beach and he drove us the 10 miles into Codrington. We then met the tour guide near the main dock, we hopped into his tippy skiff, and he motored us across Condrington Lagoon to where thousands, upon thousands of frigate birds reside among the mangroves. The colony was amazing and was once featured in National Geographic Magazine! It was an incredible experience to see thousands of frigates, nestled among the mangroves and thousands also flying overhead. The frigate's strange cries and the noise of their clicking beaks could be heard from everywhere!

Some interesting information about these cool birds: The frigates are a small bodied bird, weighing just 2 or 3 pounds, with short little legs and feet, but their wing span is 6 feet! They do not have any oil in their feathers so they avoid landing in the ocean to avoid sinking, plus they cannot swim! They scoop their food from the waters surface or hassle other birds into dropping their catch. The males display a huge, bright red, blown up pouch under their throats during the mating season to attract the females. The female lays only 1 egg per year and the chicks remain in the nest for 6 months.

Fluffy Baby Frigates

12 February 2017 | Mangroves of Codrington Lagoon, Barbuda
Snug in their nests, the baby frigates remain there for 6 months.
Vessel Name: Dream Chaser
Vessel Make/Model: 2014 Fontaine Pajot Helia 44 (FKA a 1981 Bristol 45.5)
Hailing Port: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Crew: Shane, Sara & Lucia
Shane was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1960. Shane learned to sail on Lake Okoboji, Iowa in 1973 aboard s/v "Cactus Queen", a Venture 222 made by McGregor and owned by his father. About the same time, he learned to scuba dive, and his fascination with all things aquatic began in earnest. [...]
Ok, so here's the part you've all been waiting for. The reason why we are doing this! Both of us had been pursuing our careers for over 20 years and we do not have any children. Since we have not had to pay or save for those enormous expenses that sometimes children can bring, we have been [...]
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Main seating area in salon.
Master head (bathroom) in starboard hull.
Master cabin settee
Navigation station in main salon.
Aft guest head (bathroom) one of two heads in the port hull.
Aft guest cabin (one of two) in the port hull.
The galley looks out to the back dining area through the sliding glass door and window.
Factory brochure picture of master stateroom looking aft.
Master stateroom looking aft.
This forward netting always stays on.  On long passages it allows waves to splash through it.
Upper lounging sun deck looking aft.  Great for cocktail hour or sunning!
Flying the spinnaker
Helm station with wind, speed and depth instruments.  The larger screen is a Garmin chart plotter.
Lounging on the mesh net cover.  We attach this cover on top of the netting and put it on to be used when just cruising around the islands.  It has 4 built in pillows for added comfort!
Top view of Dream Chaser with 6 solar panels (4 rear, 2 on portside) and the enclosed helm station (starboard helm station) for cold or rainy weather.
Outside dining area.
Lucia was born on New Year's Day 2003. She was trained as a puppy on our third boat, a 1995 Catalina 32. To this day she is capable of being offshore for many days at a time. She is a great sailing dog and completes our crew of three.
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