Moana to Spain and Portugal 2011

02 July 2011 | Corme
03 June 2011 | Currently near Porto
03 April 2011 | Poole

Heading back home

02 July 2011 | Corme
We have had 5 days of strong Northerlies which has made our progress back to A Coruna from Vigo quite slow and painful. Some days we had over 40 kts. We have not used a marina once since we arrived back to collect Moana from San Adrian. It saves a fortune and is much nicer than berthing in a marina. We only have 1/2 of one tank (we have two tanks) of water left so showers are being rationed (or shared ;-)).

Had a nice time on Illa Arousa and we used a fishing boat mooring for two nights as it blew like crazy for a while and I'm glad we weren't on anchor. We were the only yacht for the first day and then two more joined us and they both picked up moorings also. The fisherman didn't have a problem as there were plenty of spare unused moorings.

We are almost in Corme where we will spend the night at anchor again and eat on board and have a wander around ashore for a while.



How to find where we are....

03 June 2011 | Currently near Porto
Dave - scorching hot
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Cleaning and scrubbing and other jobs

03 April 2011 | Poole
Had a busy weekend.

Finally got the electric winch back working again after fitting new brushes. Found a neat trick to hold the brushes back while reassembling. Carole enjoyed the fun of getting the headlining back up which is no mean feat!

Mark Taylor has made a set of three lee cloths to make it more comfortable at sea when we are on on port tack as most of the bunks are great on starboard but not fun on port. Should mean we won't need to make up a bunk on the saloon floor like last year.

Also tried a staysail which is a Heavy #1 from a MG27 which fitted a treat. It's a fancy high tech genoa but seems to be a perfect fit - luff is just right. Did a quick sea trial in 20 kts but inconclusive as probably need more breeze before it makes sense to use on its own. It will be interesting to see if we can fly both foresails in lighter conditions and become cutter rigged. Not sure how that will affect our handicap though :-(

Carole scrubbed and cleaned from bow to stern - I did the two heads though. The boat has scrubbed up well and now smells and feels nice and clean.

The saloon table is still in the garage - part sanded. My mate Bill has offered to come down from Liverpool and get it sorted though before we have to leave.

Run out of time to add any more interesting items (I don't think!).

Getting ready to leave

03 April 2011 | Poole
Just over 4 weeks before we leave for Spain via Guernsey for a scrub off. Lots of jobs still to do but nothing too major.
Vessel Name: Moana
Vessel Make/Model: Oceanis 44CC
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Crew: Dave and Carole (with occasional guests)
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Who: Dave and Carole (with occasional guests)
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