22 June 2016
31 May 2016 | Samal Island
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Mokisha's Refit....

22 June 2016
On the right is pics of Mokisha completely torn apart - EVERYTHING is out of the boat. Currently, we are working on the port side. Bulkheads are out, cabinets, counters, etc. We.....or I should say my help is quite limited but Alex & Tom are working 6 days a week on the boat. They are fiberglassing, putting back the bulkheads & then new shelves. I'm trying to find Corian type counters & not being entirely successful. The entire bat will get a fresh coat of paint by the time we are done. In any event, it will be fun to post pics as we progress & things start going back the other way. It seems monumental right now but I think it will be better in a couple of weeks. We are waiting for a box that was sent from California with lots of parts & should arrive in about 10 days - this box is going to help out alot in getting stuff done. Another is on the way as well. Enjoy the pics. It's certainly hot, sweaty & dirty work now but it'll all be worth it!
Coco & Tom

Boracay, Philippines - Dive Time & R&R

22 June 2016
In order to get to Boracay we had to fly into Caticlan & take a ferry to the island. We were staying at Calypso Dive Resort - a great choice as it was right on the beach with a bar, beach massage & restaurant. Great dive shop too. Rooms were spacious, clean, bright & comfortable.
Boracay’s diving was much better & we did 3 dives while there. All the pics are in the gallery to the right. The coral was healthy & we saw lots of sea life including a sea snake that was about 6 ft long. The banka that we dove off of is a typical Filipino boat - they look like humongous spiders. We lucked out & were the only ones diving so our dive master Vincent, we got all to ourselves!

Boracay is also quite touristy but I loved it. Lots of places to hang out & each night was celebrated watching the sunset. We found Coco's Bar & the Obama Grill, & we got pedicures in our beach chairs while hanging on the beach. Life can't get an better! It was good for Tom to get some R&R. We also met up with our shipper (Remy) from California. He is also from the Philippines & was home for vacation but lives in Santa Maria, Ca. He showed us around the island of Panay, his home. Sadly, our time went to fast & we headed back to Samal Island & boat work. All the pics are in the picture gallery - hope you enjoy them. We look forward to the next break when we can get away from the boat for a few days.

Colleen & Tom

Cebu-Mactan Island, Philippines - Time for R&R!

22 June 2016
Hi All -

Just a quick update on what we’ve been up to -
After arriving in the Philippines, Tom was looking forward to a break as he’d worked about a 45 days without much of break so I went to work looking for some places to go in the Philippines. We decided on Cebu/Mactan Island & Boracay. Both are northwest of us.
We went to Cebu first, about an 1½ hr flight. We splurged & stayed a Costabella’s a nicer hotel with a pool, great food & fantastic mojitos! We were only there 3 days but we hung at the pool & beach. Our last day we went diving. Diving wasn’t really very good even though it was a marine sanctuary. In fact less than a mile away, fishermen were dynamite fishing & we could feel & hear the dynamite go off. I don’t think there’s any more disappointing than to know the reef & fish are being killed daily by these fishermen. It’s illegal but they do it anyway.
The last day our flight wasn’t until 2 pm so we played tourist on the way to the airport.

Remember Ferdinand Magellan from your high school history days? He was the first to circumnavigate the world & discover the Straits of Magellan in the early 1500’s. He landed in Cebu, Philippines in 1521 & tried to take over what is now Mactan Island from Lapu-Lapu the local leader of the island. A fierce fight broke out & the spaniards fought with guns while the Filipinos fought with poison arrows. Lapu-Lapu managed to hit Magellan & kill him with his poison arrow. He is credited to saving his people for 60 years before more explorers tried to take Mactan Island again. Both Lapu-Lapu & Magellan have statues & memorials erected in their honor. Interesting because I never remembered any of that from history! While there’s tons more to see in Cebu, we got a only a short peek but look forward to returning with Mokisha & spending some time there. You can see the pictures on the picture gallery on the right. Enjoy!

Our next 3 days would be spent in Boracay a much more beachy, touristy island. It too, was only an 1½ hr flight. Hello…...Boracay!

Samal Island, Philippines

31 May 2016 | Samal Island
I arrived in the Philippines on May 18, while Tom came almost a month earlier. The focus is Mokisha & giving her a complete re-fit. So far it's going pretty well. Our worker, Alex is Filipino and Tom pays him $12 a day! That's actually good wage & is higher than some of the other marina workers make. He's also one of the best workers we've ever had. You'll see him in the pics.

As far as the boat goes, everything is out.....and I mean everything! The wood is getting varnished, the bulkheads replaced, the engine has been pulled out & will be repainted, all the combings have been repainted & engine room painted. The fridge is getting new insulation, the rudder has been removed & new rings made for it. Oh, the list goes on and on. We've got a bunch of stuff in 2 big boxes. We also are renting a house that is on top of the hill. It's 3 bedroom, 3 bath. It's really a godsend! It's nice to take a break in the day & come back to air conditioning.

Davao is a city of 1.4 million. The new president of the Philippines, President Duterte, is from Davao. We are on Samal Island which is a 5 minute ferry ride across the water. The only way to the city is by ferry. I've included a map in the pictures of where we are. By the is HOT here! I forgot how hot & humid it can be. It took me several days to get used to the heat again.

The next blog will be our adventures in Cebu Island & Boracay. We are taking a bit of a break for 7 days & flying to these islands where diving is supposed to be good. I'm going to focus on keeping the blog updated this year - last season I didn't even bother, mostly due to uploading pictures & slow internet. This year I'm going to post the pictures online & I think this might be an easier way for people to see the pictures.
You can see the pictures at:

Hope you enjoy them!

Cheers -
Colleen & Tom
Vessel Name: Mokisha
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 38
Hailing Port: Big Sur, Ca
Crew: Tom & Colleen
Mokisha & her crew left California in January 2001. Since that time we've explored Mexico, the entire coast of Central America to Panama, often wandering inland to experience the rich cultures and intriguing ancient ruins left from past civilizations. [...]
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