19 June 2018 | Tanga, Fenualoa, Reef Islands
07 June 2018 | Lata, Ndendo, Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands
05 June 2018 | 150 miles NW of Espiritu Santo (Vanuatu)
01 June 2018 | Off the southern tip of Chesterfield Reef
27 May 2018 | Moreton Bay, Queensland Australia
18 May 2018 | Brisbane, Australia
06 May 2018 | Eyeglass Assist Central - Brisbane Qld
02 May 2018 | Eyeglass Assist Central - Brisbane Qld
18 April 2018 | Brisbane, Australia
12 April 2018 | Australia
10 February 2018
07 January 2018 | Redland City Marina, Brisbane, Australia
07 December 2017 | Brisbane, Australia
16 November 2017 | Brisbane, Australia
03 November 2017 | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
01 November 2017 | behind Moreton Island, Queensland
31 October 2017 | Somewhere else in the Coral Sea
28 October 2017 | Somewhere in the Coral Sea
15 October 2017 | South Pacific

Rendevous in the Yasawas

08 October 2017 | Yasawa group, Fiji
In the Yasawa Island group on the western side of Viti Levu we had arranged to meet up with long time friends Cheryl and Karen on Interlude whom we haven't seen for a few years but when we did we had as much fun as we always do . They must like Fiji (and who wouldn't?), they've been here for four years. Also we caught up with friends on Kapai and Eudora and so what did we do? We found a few villages and ran some glasses clinics. Kapai and Eudora had helped us before in Niue but hadn't done any work in the villages, which is where we normally operate and were keen to do so. The crew of Interlude knew of our work but had never actually had the opportunity to participate and so gladly put their hands up to help. We managed to visit three villages in total and left 130 people with better vision than before we arrived. All the team did a wonderful job yet again. The girls on Interlude showed what an asset they are to our goal of better vision for everyone.

As an aside: It is always interesting to watch people when they have the opportunity to engage others in the way we can as Eyeglass Assist. I suppose it's based around helping others less fortunate than yourself but it's also about communicating with someone who is outwardly quite different but is in fact a person with whom you have a great deal in common. It's about travelling and meeting different people in a way that is meaningful and beneficial for every one concerned. And we all enjoy it very much indeed.
Vessel Name: Monkey Fist
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 43DS
Hailing Port: Darwin
Crew: Paul and Frances Tudor-Stack
About: After spending over 20 years in the NT Paul and Frances returned to the sea in 2008. Their first trip was into the Pacific via West Papua and over the top of PNG and then back to Australia where they sold their old traditional boat "Sea Spray" and bought "Monkey Fist"
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