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07 March 2011
27 February 2011 | Freycinet Peninsula
24 February 2011 | Tasman Island
22 February 2011 | Port Arthur
22 February 2011 | Port Arthur
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Duff Islands

17 July 2018
why sunglasses are so important for people living in this climate.

Taumako, Duff Islands

17 July 2018
This elderly lady, Janet who lived on the other side of the island was not able to make it to the clinic so the clinic came to her. She is in her late 70's, early 80's, has never owned a pair of glasses and hasn't been able to see clearly for many, many years. You can decide for yourself if you think what do do is worthwhile. She was given two pairs as well as a pair of sunglasses

Tanga, Fenualoa

17 July 2018
Elina, registered nurse helping with dispensing after screening.


17 July 2018
home visit to people unable to make it to the clinic, with assistance of Mary interpreting.

14 July 2018
“Willie” enjoying his new sunglasses going fishing at the Reef Islands

Team hard at work

14 July 2018
Clinic at Carlisle Bay School

Carllisle Bay (near Cala Bay)

14 July 2018
Carllisle Bay (near Cala Bay), clinic in the school. Mother brought young boy to see us as he was having problems seeing at school. Mother advised to take him to eye doctor if at all possible

Clinic Cala Bay

14 July 2018
Clinic Cala Bay, northern Ndendo Island after church. The notice is in Pidgeon English - “please, don't spit betel nut around here”
Vessel Name: Monkey Fist
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 43DS
Hailing Port: Darwin
Crew: Paul and Frances Tudor-Stack
About: After spending over 20 years in the NT Paul and Frances returned to the sea in 2008. Their first trip was into the Pacific via West Papua and over the top of PNG and then back to Australia where they sold their old traditional boat "Sea Spray" and bought "Monkey Fist"
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