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05 April 2009 | Hastings-Geelong
08 January 2008 | Wilsons Prom
16 September 2007
01 September 2007 | Port Stephens to Pittwater
31 August 2007
30 August 2007 | North Qld
29 August 2007 | Nth. Queensland
28 August 2007 | Queensland
27 August 2007 | Manly - Queensland
24 July 2007 | Queensland
23 July 2007 | Brisbane - Queensland

TeePee to Moody Blue

24 July 2007 | Queensland
When Kerry and I first laid eyes on the Moody46 we almost turned away, she had been sitting in Queensland for 18 months and looked very tired and run down. After long discussions and looking at every yacht for sale in the world we decided to buy the Moody 46 named TeePee, simply because of her pedigree and we did purchase at the right price. So the transition from Teepee to Moody blue began. Firstly we slipped her and began removing all the old paint and other foreign matter that had been sprayed on her hull, when she came out of the water her Maxiprop looked like a big bulb of ocean kelp and weird moving things.
The tradesmen got to work scraping and cleaning all the gunk off and applying new paint and antifoul. Finally the name was applied and she was ready to be launched. Kerry and I were really excited and unfortunately we only had a mobile phone camera to record the moment. Once back in the water we started on the rigging, sails, electronics, engine and anything else that looked like it needed help, which unfortunately was everything.
We had to organize most of the work from Melbourne so I was unsure what was really going on. I decided to fly up for a week to inspect all the work and make sure she was ready for her 1100 KM journey home to Melbourne. When I arrived at Moody Blue most the work was still being done or they were thinking about doing it ( they don't move quick in Queensland ) so I was quickly on the phone and soon had 3 different tradesmen aboard fixing pumps, sails, rigging etc. By the end of the week Moody blue was only needing one switch bracket replaced and she was ready for her passage down to Melbourne. That day has been set for the 3rd of August weather pending.
I have been lucky to meet Chris Ayres who happens to be the Australian contact for the Moody owners website, and he lives 20 minutes from Moody blue. Chris is sailing with me to Sydney. Chris tells me it's a bit tricky sailing out of Moreton Bay because some places the depth is only 1 metre or less at low tide, Moody Blue draws just over 2 metres so picking the tides will be rather important.
Vessel Name: Moody Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne
Crew: Kerry Elphinstone
About: Wife of Wayne - (Kerry not really a good sailor by any stretch of the imagination, but a loyal and always there 1st mate!
Extra: Kerry and I are very frustrated at this stage because our Moody 46 is still berthed at Royal Queensland. We have to organise to sail her back to Melbourne, work commitments and weather patterns govern when we can make the 1000 NM trip.
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Who: Kerry Elphinstone
Port: Melbourne