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05 April 2009 | Hastings-Geelong
08 January 2008 | Wilsons Prom
16 September 2007
01 September 2007 | Port Stephens to Pittwater
31 August 2007
30 August 2007 | North Qld
29 August 2007 | Nth. Queensland
28 August 2007 | Queensland
27 August 2007 | Manly - Queensland
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23 July 2007 | Brisbane - Queensland

Sydney Bound

31 August 2007
Woke early and organised for Electrician to be at boat at 8.00am to fix faulty switch - 10.00am still waiting!! Decided to leave Coff's after ringing Electrician only to be told "I didn't know I had to be there - the workshop hasn't said anything"................ tradies!!!!! We need to push on.
Winds light again, although the report is that they will pick up later in the day. Sad to leave this beautiful little town, but the "boss" would not understand if I didn't turn up at work on Tuesday.
Motored for awhile and then set the sails. Two whales playing just off our Port side and it was really lovely, although as we neared them they split - one either side of the boat which was a little scary. You hear tales of whales becoming aggressive if you get between the mother and cub - we had visions of "Captain Ahab" in Moby Dick being trussed across the back of a whale riding down to the depths of the ocean. Nothing.....not even a glance from the whales...... we sailed on by only to see them both breach some distance behind us.

Learned how to wash clothes aboard today, and our beautiful Moody Blue ended up looking like a Chinese Junk with undies, socks and tops flapping in the wind off the life lines.

Decided to call into Port Stephens and berth for the night. What a magnificent place. Entrance surrounded by island and just spectacular scenery. Missed our northern route into Port Stephens (so many islands we got a little confused - should have believed the GPS)..... and came in the Southern entrance to the bay. This is a narrower entrance with waves crashing on the islands base just metres off the starboard side.

Once past Nelson Bay, the channel hugs the land - this is a little bit of an optical illusion as there is a huge expanse of water to the starboard side of the boat but it is in some places less than 2m deep! Fortunately for us a ferry was entering at the same time so we just followed her in.
Pulled into The Anchorage which is the second marina along the channel. This is a resort style marina which is quite costly $75 per night!! I think this is the type of place that would be ideal for honeymooners - quiet and secluded. The marina is quite deep and easily accessible.
Did quite a few miles today and both feeling the pressures - ahhhh a beautiful long HOT shower at the marina.
Still problems with the switch to the engine.

Vessel Name: Moody Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne
Crew: Kerry Elphinstone
About: Wife of Wayne - (Kerry not really a good sailor by any stretch of the imagination, but a loyal and always there 1st mate!
Extra: Kerry and I are very frustrated at this stage because our Moody 46 is still berthed at Royal Queensland. We have to organise to sail her back to Melbourne, work commitments and weather patterns govern when we can make the 1000 NM trip.
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Who: Kerry Elphinstone
Port: Melbourne