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05 April 2009 | Hastings-Geelong
08 January 2008 | Wilsons Prom
16 September 2007
01 September 2007 | Port Stephens to Pittwater
31 August 2007
30 August 2007 | North Qld
29 August 2007 | Nth. Queensland
28 August 2007 | Queensland
27 August 2007 | Manly - Queensland
24 July 2007 | Queensland
23 July 2007 | Brisbane - Queensland

Last port of call before Sydney

01 September 2007 | Port Stephens to Pittwater
Again another early start. Motor started so that was definitely a bonus. Motored out through channel and into ocean. Wind slight 5 - 10kns and of course in the wrong direction!! This appears the norm more than the unexpected. We have used the motor far more than we would have liked so far, but when you are on a time constraint - and you need to keep going forward, it leaves you little alternative.

Cut motor and just had a slow sail for awhile. Again, the wind was no help and we had to restart the motor to at least try and head in the right direction.........................turned the key and nothing............turned again -nothing!
After a few expletives *&^% Wayne armed with spanner and screwdriver disappeared into the "Engine Room". After about 15 minutes, a rumble from the bowels and suddenly the motor kicked into life.........yippee. It is good to have someone on board that knows something about these things called "yachts".

A rather non eventful motor (absolutely no wind), down the coast - past Newcastle with it's traffic jam of container ships - these are lined up one after another - we counted at least 30 before we lost interest and that was only around the mouth of Newcastle - there were still more showing on the horizon.

15 nms out of Broken Bay (Pittwater) when the wind decided to pick up. Very sloppy water and we were being tossed around quite a bit. Trying to cook dinner is quite an ordeal - even with a gimballed oven - think I ended up with more spaghetti sauce on me than in the pot.

Just out of broken bay our slave screen decided to go out!! Panic stations, pitch dark - no moon - no slave screen and heading inland!! Few tense moments, although fortunately the mouth of Broken Bay is quite wide. Motored into Pittwater, dropped and anchor and just sat back with relief, exhaustion and a good sense of achievement! We have "nearly" made Sydney.

Headed off to the Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club in the morning to fix the switch for the motor and a couple of other issues.

I am leaving the boat here and flying out to Melbourne - Wayne a little undecided whether to leave the yacht for repairs, or to wait it out and keep going. Weather reports are not looking good for the next few days.

Vessel Name: Moody Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne
Crew: Kerry Elphinstone
About: Wife of Wayne - (Kerry not really a good sailor by any stretch of the imagination, but a loyal and always there 1st mate!
Extra: Kerry and I are very frustrated at this stage because our Moody 46 is still berthed at Royal Queensland. We have to organise to sail her back to Melbourne, work commitments and weather patterns govern when we can make the 1000 NM trip.
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Who: Kerry Elphinstone
Port: Melbourne