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05 April 2009 | Hastings-Geelong
08 January 2008 | Wilsons Prom
16 September 2007
01 September 2007 | Port Stephens to Pittwater
31 August 2007
30 August 2007 | North Qld
29 August 2007 | Nth. Queensland
28 August 2007 | Queensland
27 August 2007 | Manly - Queensland
24 July 2007 | Queensland
23 July 2007 | Brisbane - Queensland

Sick ship

05 April 2009 | Hastings-Geelong
I had planned to sail from Hastings to Geelong for a family reunion on long weekend in March. Bob, Kerry's Brother and Gus, Bobs granddaughters Husband wanted to accommpany me on the sail. They were so eager and really looking forward to the trip. We took of at 10am to catch the right tide out and hopefully the right tide into Port Phillip. Well 1 mile out of the entrance to Westernport Gus started to turn green and shaking quite badly. The seas were quite rough but nothing to worry about, unfortunately Bass straight can get very rough with very little wind, its more the currents that causes the sea to move so much. I was in two minds to turn back but thought it will get better the further out we sailed. About half way Bob started to feel sick and admitted he had thrown up downstairs, Oh great now my whole crew is sick. I sailed on and things did pickup the closes we got to Port Phillip, Gus was not getting better in fact he was really shaking and I was concerned about his health, to me he was dehydrating quite fast. I rang Kerry and asked her to meet us at Queenscliff, luckily she had already decided to that route and said that she will wait at the marina. We sailed through the heads and quickly made our way to the Queenscliff Marina. By the time we got there Gus and Bob were feeling a lot better. When we tied up Gus jumped off and kissed the ground. I think this will be his last sailing trip. Bob stayed aboard for our trip to Geelong, we had a great sail and Bob is now a hooked sailor. We will be taking two weeks holiday in a few weeks so we plan to sail to Wilsons Prom and Deal Island, Bob wants to come along, I hope its not to rough.
Vessel Name: Moody Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne
Crew: Kerry Elphinstone
About: Wife of Wayne - (Kerry not really a good sailor by any stretch of the imagination, but a loyal and always there 1st mate!
Extra: Kerry and I are very frustrated at this stage because our Moody 46 is still berthed at Royal Queensland. We have to organise to sail her back to Melbourne, work commitments and weather patterns govern when we can make the 1000 NM trip.
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Who: Kerry Elphinstone
Port: Melbourne