49 Taswell - Getting ready for blue water!

08 February 2019
08 February 2019
08 February 2019
29 January 2019 | Boise Idaho

Adventure Leg One

08 February 2019
At 3a.m. we ventured out of Umatilla Marina down River through John Day, The Dalles and Bonneville Locks and under bridges ranging from lift to swing arm function. Snow, Icicles and our created "snow people" crew accompanied us all the way to Salpare Bay Marina in Portland, Oregon!

Retirement Party

08 February 2019
In Jimmy Buffet Style, we answered many questions at our retirement party...It's 5 O'clock EVERYWHERE!!! We found that lost shaker of salt and provided edible Flip Flops and Cheeseburgers in Paradise just for fun!

Retirement Party

08 February 2019
To send us off in style many of our friends, family and co-workers showed up to help us celebrate our retirement and upcoming adventures...we are truly thankful for all of their support and treasure our relationships with them! As you can see, they are a generous bunch bringing loads of supplies for the Baja children!


29 January 2019 | Boise Idaho
This will be post #1 for our sailing adventure. In fact we have not yet retired (3 days away) and we are still 500 miles from the ocean!

In a few days Shellie and I will be on Moondance heading west to Portland on the Columbia River. That will be our new home for 2 or 3 months.

Don't miss our retirement party on Feb. 1 and stay tuned as we explore the globe.
Vessel Name: Moondance
Vessel Make/Model: Taswell 49
Hailing Port: Boise ID
Crew: Randy and Shellie
About: Live in a land locked state, Idaho. Lake sail when possible. For ten years we have been sailing the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands to practice for our goal of world wide cruising.
Moondance's Photos - Spring Retrofits
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Here fishy fishy
We visited the Portland Japanese Garden
Nestled in to slip E6 at Salpare Bay Marina in Portland, Oregon off of the Columbia River
Freezing Marina from on High: We arrived in Portland on Feb. 5th met by the lowest temps in 30 years.  The average daily highs were in the 20
Ben the Diesel Wizard!: We hired Cook
Can you say TURBO?
Heat Exchanger: Good call by Captain R to have the Heat Exchanger looked was 25% plugged!  Now she
Empty Furling Mast: We took our sails down to get accurate measurements for a new set of sails from Port Townsend Sails by Carol Hasse and crew!
Main Sail removed and flaked
Salpare on the Thaw!
Heating up!: March brought a bit warmer more icicles at our pool!
Much overdue sunset colors in the sky...awe!!!
Much needed break from work lead us to the hills...
The hills lead us to Pittock Mansion overlooking Portland!
Boomless!!!: We had to remove our Boom as well as our Radar dome in preparation to have Moondances
Our Bildge under went an extreme makeover!
Underbelly love in a new shade of Grey!
Hydrovane Guiness!: We are installing a "Hydrovane" self steering system to act as an auto-pilot not requiring power as well as an emergency rudder.
Hydrovane Mock-Up
Slip E6 empty on March 20th.: March 20th at 11a.m., we headed back out to the Columbia River and went Westbound.  Our first obstacle was the I-5 Interstate bridge. We called and had it lifted to accomodate our needed 70 feet of cleareance for our Mast.  Very shortly after, the railroad bridge swung open for us to pass by!
Where magic happens!: 3 hours later we arrived without incident at Rocky Pointe Marina & Boat Yard off of the Multnomath Channel where our Boat Yard work of Un-stepping our Mast, Bottom Paint, Through Hulls work etc. will be completed over the next few weeks.
Waiting Room!: Moondance sat patiently at the dock for the BIGGEST APPOINTMENT OF HER LIFE the next morning.
Beautiful reflections while waiting
Critical Calculations!: We hired Ian Weedman, Rigger, to help guide us.  He is pictured up our Mast here meticulously placing strapes to accurately support our Mast once it
Hangman : Our Mast out of our boat!
Mast ride
Peeking up the bottom of our Mast: You don
Vast Mast black hole...: Looking down from our deck where our Mast once stood!
Mast Step envy: The Step our Mast rests on was completely corroded and decaying!  We are having a new one made.
Check out them "BIG"gears!: The Marine Lift that hauled out Moondance.
up, uP & AWAY!!!
Upward view
Ablative paint: When pressure washing, layers of our bottom paint came off as designed to.  The bottom was far less dirty and in better shape than we could have hoped for!
Blue glo
Spring has has our boat...right out of the water!
Going for a stroll...
Morning workout
R holding it ALL together as he does so well!
Backing in
Close call!
Balancing act!
Dry docked
Compass cover: One of the many sewing projects to update and protect Moondance!

Getting Closer

Who: Randy and Shellie
Port: Boise ID