This blog chronicles the adventures of the sailing vessel Moonraker. We just finished the second year of our cruising life. We explored the US East Coast from Maine to Florida, the Bahamas, Haiti, PR, and the Virgin Islands.

19 May 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
06 April 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
13 February 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
21 January 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
09 December 2015 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
05 November 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
22 October 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
01 October 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
14 August 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
15 July 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 June 2015 | Hillsmere Shores Marina, Annapolis, Maryland
26 May 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
14 May 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
09 March 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
17 February 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 January 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 December 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
31 October 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
20 October 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
04 October 2014 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, Maryland

Today We Summited Two Mountains

22 July 2013 | Valley Cove, Somes Sound, Mount Desert Island, Maine
This morning we just took the boat a short distance across the Gilley Thorofare and took a spin through Southwest Harbor just to check it out. Then we went up the Somes Sound for a short distance and decided to anchor for the night in Valley Cove. It’s a beautiful cove with two mountains next to it. Because it is on Mount Desert Island, and part of the Acadia National Park, there is a trail that goes around the mountains and up to the summits. We weren’t sure about the trail but we dinghyed to the beach anyhow. We saw the people on the next boat had brought their dinghy up to the beach but the tide was going out so Bill used his “anchor the dinghy where the tide will probably go out to” trick and then tied it off to the beach. Luckily we met someone on the trail that knew the area and he gave Bill the information he needed to assure we could get back to the beach.

The trail wasn’t too hard, or too steep, and after climbing Cadillac Mountain twice in the past few weeks we had no problems. Some of the trail was climbing over big rocks right at the edge of the cliff. There were some great views. The picture above shows our anchorage from way up the St. Saveur Mountain. Moonraker is the boat all the way to the right, our dinghy is the white speck you see on the beach straight ahead of our boat. From the top it was clear that the anchor trick didn’t work. The dinghy was already completely beached and the tide still had a long way to drop. Oh well, we would just have to deal with trying to carry the boat plus its engine back down to the water when we got there. In the mean time we continued on the trail summiting not only St. Saveur Mountain but Valley Peak also.

When we got back to the beach we were lucky enough to see the young man who helped us by taking our picture up on the top of the mountain. Bill asked him if he could help us carry the dinghy back into the water. He did help and it wasn’t too hard with three people. It would have been a lot harder with just the two of us.

On our way back to the boat we stopped to say hello to the people on the next boat. They were from New York and also in Maine for the summer. They invited us on board and we had a great time comparing boats and Maine cruising destinations. It’s great seeing how different other peoples’ boats are. Of course we invited them over to our boat to see ours too.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. If it does we may just stay here for another day. I hope it does rain – I need a day off!!
Vessel Name: Moonraker
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 40
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Bill & Donna Shuman
This blog will record our adventures as we continue our new cruising life. This summer (2013) we plan to head north and explore the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia. We will return to Annapolis in the fall for the SSCA GAM and then head south on the ICW to Florida. [...]
Moonraker was built in 1986 and had two owners before we bought her in 2005. After spending nearly two years on the hard making all the repairs and improvements that I had promised Donna we wouldn’t have to do if we bought her, we were finally ready to go sailing. For the next several years we [...]
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Who: Bill & Donna Shuman
Port: Annapolis, MD

Where in the World is Moonraker

Our Boat

Moonraker is a 1986 Bayfield 40 designed by the famous Ted Gozzard and built in Ontario, Canada. The rig is a cutter/ketch. Here are some of her specs:

LOA: 45 ft. 6 in.
LWL: 30 ft. 6 in.
Beam: 12 ft.
Draft: 4 ft. 11 in.
Displacement: 21,000 lbs.
Ballast: 8,200 lbs.
Sail Area: 1,009 sq. ft.

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