This blog chronicles the adventures of the sailing vessel Moonraker. We just finished the second year of our cruising life. We explored the US East Coast from Maine to Florida, the Bahamas, Haiti, PR, and the Virgin Islands.

19 May 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
06 April 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
13 February 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
21 January 2016 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
09 December 2015 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, MD
05 November 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
22 October 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
01 October 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
14 August 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
15 July 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 June 2015 | Hillsmere Shores Marina, Annapolis, Maryland
26 May 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
14 May 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
09 March 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
17 February 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 January 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 December 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
31 October 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
20 October 2014 | Annapolis, Maryland
04 October 2014 | Port Annapolis Marina, Annapolis, Maryland

Car Vacation - Arecibo Radio Telescope

26 March 2014 | Arecibo, Puerto Rico
On Wednesday morning we headed to La Cueva del Indio, or Indian Cave. It was on the coast next to the lighthouse in Arecibo. We got there exactly at 10am when it was supposed to open, and you guessed it, it wasn't. We waited for a while and finally someone came and opened the gate. You don’t have to but if you want more information you can pay for a tour guide who will walk you all around the area and give you lots of information, mostly what movies were filmed there. We did get a guide and he was very interesting. We walked through the cave and saw the Indian carvings that are on the wall and are very old. We had brought our caving equipment but luckily, just like the caves we had seen yesterday, no equipment was necessary. It was a beautiful day and the cave and the shoreline were worth the trip.

Once we had our fill of cave and ocean we headed to the Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory. The roads were almost as terrifying as the roads the day before, but not quite. What was really rough though was the walk from the parking lot to the Visitor Center. It felt like we were going straight up! Finally we got to the top and we got to watch a short film about the telescope. Then you go outside and there it is. The picture above shows the telescope with the bonus of also showing the cable car going up that was taking two people to check it out. We were surprised as to how dirty the telescope is. Apparently they only clean it when the dirt causes enough interference to make a difference.

Finally we were on our way back to the boat! We haven’t ever left it this long on anchor and we were a bit nervous. We were also very hungry and we were hoping to not have to resort to fast food again but there were not a lot of choices on our way home. Finally we ended up in a small shopping center that had a couple of small restaurants. We picked the storefront pizza type shop and I think we caused some excitement. I would say not many non-Spanish speakers end up in there. Somehow they can always tell right away that we can’t really speak the language. All of a sudden the waitress is grabbing a young teenage girl and bringing her to us. It is her parents’ restaurant and I have to say, I think her English is almost better than mine! She was delightful. She definitely made our day. Between her, her grandmother, who could speak some English, and the waitress, who could speak none, we figured out what we would eat. We had a really nice dining experience and were very glad we stopped there.

When we got back to the boat everything was exactly how we left it. Thank goodness! We were very happy to be back but also glad we had taken our Puerto Rican vacation.
Vessel Name: Moonraker
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 40
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Bill & Donna Shuman
This blog will record our adventures as we continue our new cruising life. This summer (2013) we plan to head north and explore the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia. We will return to Annapolis in the fall for the SSCA GAM and then head south on the ICW to Florida. [...]
Moonraker was built in 1986 and had two owners before we bought her in 2005. After spending nearly two years on the hard making all the repairs and improvements that I had promised Donna we wouldn’t have to do if we bought her, we were finally ready to go sailing. For the next several years we [...]
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Who: Bill & Donna Shuman
Port: Annapolis, MD

Where in the World is Moonraker

Our Boat

Moonraker is a 1986 Bayfield 40 designed by the famous Ted Gozzard and built in Ontario, Canada. The rig is a cutter/ketch. Here are some of her specs:

LOA: 45 ft. 6 in.
LWL: 30 ft. 6 in.
Beam: 12 ft.
Draft: 4 ft. 11 in.
Displacement: 21,000 lbs.
Ballast: 8,200 lbs.
Sail Area: 1,009 sq. ft.

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