Moonshadow Legacy

05 April 2012 | Jacksonville, FL

Our new Moonshadow

05 April 2012 | Jacksonville, FL
We've retired, sold our house, listed Legacy for sale, and bought the beautiful Deerfoot 2-62 Moonshadow.

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Vessel Make/Model: Deerfoot 2-62
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA USA
Crew: John and Deb Rogers
About: After returning from Tahiti in 1971, it was John's destiny to meet and fall in love with Deb at a marina where he taught sailing. A dream to cruise the world became a wedding, followed by careers, kids, mortgages, 5 boats and so much more, but the dream never faded away.
Extra: Now we're down to two boats: LEGACY, a Columbia 52 for sale in San Diego MOONSHADOW, our new Deerfoot 2-62 returned last year after a 17 year circumnavigation by George Backhus and his fiancee Merima.
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Who: John and Deb Rogers
Port: San Diego, CA USA