Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers

Incorporating the world famous photo series East Coast Australian Walks "Paul did not do" plus the much rarer "See Paul Walk" series of photos. Although two photos hardly a series make. As for grammar, spelling and punctuation (Forgetaboutit)

The two hour day.

24 May 2018
Yesterday I was awoken at 0530 by two cats, that had decided I should get up and feed them.Two hours later 0730 I jumped intwo the car two head down two Hope Island for coffee and a look at Sue and Greg's new boat.

Two hours later 0930, I rang Steve and Audra to see when they where going to the boat show.

Two hours later 1130 I finally got intwo the boat show after waiting for Steve and Audra and the free bus only to be kicked off because it was illegal to stand on the bus, everybody had to be seated. After a look around by 1300 I had had enough and took another 1/2 hour to wait for the free bus two take me back two the car park. Another Two hours.

1330 I headed back North on the freeway (of course there was an accident) and you guessed it, it took another Two hours to get back two Manly.

I stopped in the Supermarket and they had a 7kg Cryo packed Whole Rump Steak on special. So after cutting and freezing 7 packs of steak, the rest was turned in two Braised Steak and onions.

I dare you two guess how long it needed to be simmered for last night until tender.

Definition of TWO: 2 is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 1 and preceding 3. It was also the overriding factor controlling the whole of my yesterday.

Out of the Bathroom into the bedroom.

23 May 2018
Well the service to the generator was finished and the bathroom successfully restored.

So the next day I decideed to destroy the bedroom. After re-sealing the Port hull deck joint adjacent to the Shrouds 12 months ago, the leak in the deck on the starboard side had finally got me to start in on that hull deck joint. So I had to pull all the storage cabinets apart to access the underside of the hull deck joint on that side.

This side was much worse than the port, the sealant had completely failed between the Deck and Hull. Once the toe rails where unscrewed the deck bulged up as seen in the pictures.

Steve came over to give me a hand as trying to hold the nuts below deck while turning the screw on the top of the deck is a a tad difficult on your own. We added 6 more screws to the joint and resealed. That sounds easy but it was not, everythinggets covered in silicone, Steve is yelling at me from above decks that the sealant is going off, meanwhile as if I did not know the spanner I am using by feel up in an in-accessible place is stuck to my hand. We succeeded in getting the job done eventually, with me still putting the stuff on the bed back into the restored cupboards at 8:30pm. At least that will shut up the bilge alarms that kept going off when it rained.

Today was an easier day installed new rubber covers on the 10 electric winch switches, that where starting to perish. Managed to get red covers for the fast speed switch (Red is always faster) and grey for the slow speed switch.

Headed down to Gold Coast tomorrow morning to have a look at Sue and Greg's new boat, drop of and pick up some boat gear from Audra & Steve and may even drop in on the boat show depending on how I feel at the time.

He came in through the Bathroom Window.

18 May 2018

Well wall anyway, and made one hell of a mess.

Finally accessed the anode and coolant drain on Onan 11kw generator in L450F owners version, thru the Starboard bathroom cupboard.

After taking the doors off, it is a matter of removing all the screws (there is a lot of them hiding away in the dark corners) holding the center section in and it then just pulls straight out. No glue no fuss, then remove the fiberglass panel screwed behind the cupboard.

Then 4 screws and the sound proofed timber insert pulls away and you have access to the generator Heat ex-changer for clean out and anode for replacement.

Not as big a deal as trying to get yourself in around the front of the generator while upside down in hole made for somebody half my size and four times as flexible.

Now just need to put it all back together again, but tomorrow will do. The good thing about leaving it till tomorrow is that there is no fear of somebody coming and doing it in the meantime. (If you know what I mean.) thats 2 days in a row and still I can not cross a job of the list as completed.

While the cats mother is away.

17 May 2018
All I get to do is work, yesterday serviced the water maker for another six months use, then started on the engine service.

Two steps forward then one step back. Thought I had all the required filters but turned out I had doubled up on 2 and was missing the primary fuel filters, so ordered from Newcastle where I purchased the spares not a month or so ago in person. (They will arrive today) I carried on with the rest of the engine servicing that was going surprisingly well until the phone rang and jumping up out of the engine compartment manage to kick over the container with fresh oil. So had to scoop up about a liter of fresh oil of the engine room floor and de-grease the mess, then carry on.

Started on with the second engine, sans the primary fuel filter going even better, then the head of a screw holding the water pump cover on came off without the rest of the screw. Luckily I was able to remove the broken stub OK, so out to the screw shop this morning to get a new replacement.

Hopefully the filters arrive today on time, then I can fire up and test the engines and cross another job of the list.

Wheels that will keep me turning.

15 May 2018
Ruth and Phil came for a visit and dropped of the V.W. van to us, so we have transport for the next 4 weeks. Last night we had a bite to eat at The Manly Deck, just basic enjoyable pub fare at reasonable prices.

Will drop Kathy off at lunch time at the airport for her trip to Adelaide and Broken Hill, then I will be unable to avoid these boat jobs any longer.
Vessel Name: Moor R&R
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450 2013
Hailing Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
Crew: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
About: Mo (Black cat) and Omar (White cat) Moor R&R (Fat cat) Kathy and Paul cleaners, repairers and feeders.
Extra: One Glass of Red wine = 1 hour in the Gym no wonder I am so fit.
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Moor R&R Lagoon 450

Who: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
"So long and thanks for all the fish" Douglas Adams