Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers

Incorporating the world famous photo series East Coast Australian Walks "Paul did not do" plus the much rarer "See Paul Walk" series of photos. Although two photos hardly a series make. As for grammar, spelling and punctuation (Forgetaboutit)

Day of rest.

26 April 2018
We have all decided to have a day off from everything. The trip up the coast has finally caught up with all the crews and after we had another eating and drinking session last night on Chandon for Ian's birthday we have called a halt to entertaining.

It's not like we have a quiet week ahead the SICYC Season of Sail Clarence River kicks off Monday with a rather full itinerary.

MON APRIL 30th 11.30 am BBQ Lunch northern end Iluka Bay. BYO. Welcome packs given out.
3.00pm Iluka to Harwood ( 8.5nm approx.) ******Bridge opening at 6pm (1800) only at Harwood. ***** Overnight at Harwood. Pizza at Harwood Hilton. Publicans: Cheryl & Mike Smith

TUES MAY 1ST 7.00AM Breakfast and coffee at Hotel if wanted (from 7.00am).
Onto Maclean Overnight stop to sightsee. (3nm approx.)
4.45pm 4.45pm (1645) for Official Welcome ceremony by Aboriginal Yaegl Elder, Elizabeth Smith, Clarence Valley Mayor, Jim Simmons and Scottish Pipers. *** Please wear SICYC polo shirts*** Followed by dinner at the RSL Club.

WED MAY 2ND 2.00pm Maclean to Brushgrove. (11.3nm approx.) Overnight.
We need to go in groups through the Lawrence Ferry area. (6.5nm) on the way. Stick to the middle of the river here due to cables.
5.30pm Brushgrove Hotel to meet locals and order meals. Bill Kearns will entertain us with his fabulous Bush Poetry. Please wear floral shirts. Publicans : Luke and Bec

THURS MAY 3RD 8.00am BBQ Breakfast in the triangle. Just bring yourselves. Freeby
Brushgrove to Grafton (10.5 nm approx.) Anchor near Pound Street
Day to look around Grafton and historic South Grafton.
Overnight anchoring at Corcoran Park. (2nm downstream approx.)

FRI MAY 4TH Dawn Watch greyhounds and race horses exercised in the river (rowed out)BBQ Breakfast BYO. Toilet facilities. Boat ramps.
Lunch Move onto Ulmarra (5.8nm approx.)for a Lunch stop. Great book store, art and craft shops, Peter Hill known artist, huge antique shops.
Dinner Move onto Lawrence Overnight Anchorage. (9.5nm Approx.)
BBQ packs and stores available at shop/service station
Meal at Tavern Hosts Sally & John Hoy. Games, quiz, fun night

SAT MAY 5TH Breakfast BBQ (BYO) and toilet area available. Sandy beach across at Munro Island.
Walks old bridge, water bird sanctuary. Good fishing)
Sail onto Harwood overnight. (14nm approx.)
5.30pm Need to order at “Harwood Hilton” as approx.. 200 people arriving by bus from Food in the Forest event at 6.00pm. Entertainment night.

SUN MAY 6TH 8.30am Hilton open for coffee and breakfast if wanted.
10am*** Bridge Opening (all must be ready to go through)
Sail on to Yamba overnight(9nm approx.) Anchoring near Yamba Shores Tavern. Port of Yamba Yacht Club meeting us and doing Partner Swapping for dingy sailing (weather permitting). Meals at Tavern or anchor closer into town and explore. Ask Rick Smith for anchoring details.

End of your Clarence River Classic Adventure 2018 - Farewell and may the wind be at your back heading North!! Or maybe just collapse from exhaustion then head North.

I am tired just reading the Plan.

Sushimi Sundowners.

25 April 2018
We missed out on the Anzac celebrations ashore due to the need to take the weather window that was available yesterday, so departed Coff and Roll Harbour at 0530. We had our own natural Dawn Service in the sky.

It just would not be Anzac Day with out morning tea and a fresh batch of Anzac Biscuits.

Arkaydes and Bluglass leading the charge of 14 boats that departed from Coffs Harbour to Yamba / Iluka yesterday.

We where making very good time and by 0800 we needed to start slowing down as we needed to time our arrival at the Yamba / Iluka bar crossing. So we turned on the generator and made a tank of water (350 lt), did a couple of loads of washing and I caught my first fish for 2018. (Yes) Plans are hatched for a Sushimi sundown.

Arkaydes and Bluglass approaching the Yamba Bar from the Southern side yesterday afternoon, as is usual when arriving anywhere, the wind either picks up or it starts to rain. It was a very good crossing as can be seen, 2 1/4 hours before high tide.

We are anchored in Iluka Bay seen in the picture with the bar crossing just by Main Beach.

The prequel to Stage two of the Season of Sail, Clarence River, kicked off with a quiet drink and fresh Sushimi with SV Arkaydes, SV Bluglass, SV Chandon, SV Moor R&R and SV Olivia 3 enjoying a very well deserved drink after the past 5 days sailing.

I gota get outa this place.

24 April 2018
We have been rolling around this harbour for nearly 48 hours now and enough is enough. We have had over 30mm of rain and the wave rider buoy offshore of Coffs measured one wave at 5.26 meters so we have been better off in here than outside. The weather is dropping a bit today so the decision has been made to head up to Yamba as it kicks back up again tomorrow for another round of big seas and strong winds. Picture taken off the web cam at Coffs Harbour yesterday of us and Bluglass in the bay.

With nothing to do and pouring with rain and unable to get ashore because it was to rough, ones mind may well wonder to food. So a pile of Sausage rolls and fruit buns where cooked, followed by some Anzac biscuits for today's sail on Anzac Day.


Camden to Coffs, out of the frying pan into the fire.

23 April 2018
The night at Camden Haven can best be described as awful and I was glad to drop the mooring and get moving at 0530. Wind 25 knots against tide against river flow had us doing a St Vitus dance on the mooring all night.

With numerous trips top side to see what the banging and crash was, as the mooring tried to tear the anchor of the bow of the boat. Our travel companions exit the river behind us from Camden Haven.

The trip up to Trial Bay was OK with wind and swell aft of us, but we at times where pushing into up to 3 knots of current against and the wind against current made for some rough seas around the headlands. Was glad to come around the corner into Trial bay and be greeted with a Flat stretch of very clear water. Reminded me of Keppel Island.

Very comfortable anchorage we went over to join the others on Bluglass for sundowners. Lexey the dog was very interested in anything that I ate.

The sun sets on a good day and looking forward to a peaceful nights sleep.

The next day was bad news as far as the weather goes with strong wind warnings and dangerous surf forecast, so we decided to make a dash for Coffs Harbour at 0530 instead of the late departure that had originally been planed for this short 35 mile leg. The weather was threatening with storm cells traveling up the coast and crossing in front of us.

At least I was out of the 3 knot current against me and was making 8 knots under head sail and one motor. Which we turned off to slow down and allow the rain to pass in front of us.

Arkaydes entering Coffs Harbour.

The view out the back of the breakwater we are hiding behind from the weather for the next couple of days.

The view out the window this morning wet and overcast, sitting here for another day hope to move on tomorrow. The night was OK but the anchorage is a bit bouncy but sleepable all the same.

Out of the Lake after an awsome stay.

21 April 2018
The weather kicked up the last night we were anchored in Lake Macquarie with a storm dumping 36mm of hail and rain in less than 20 minutes. Hit the small yacht club hard.

Luckily got away with only a bit of water ingress.
Next morning it was anchor up at 0500 dark to get up the shallow Chanel for a 6am bridge opening.

Picture taken from One of the 2 boats we are traveling with SV Arkaydes and SV Bluglass as Moor R&R heads out through the bridge to the bar.

Arkaydes heads out across the bar.

Bluglass heads past a ship anchored awaiting entrance to Newcastle harbor for coal.

We were joined along the way for half an hour by a large group of dolphins.

Anchored in Sugar loaf Bay, Seal Rock by 1530 for the night.

The next day we needed to arrive at Camden Haven by 1300 to have the correct tide over the river bar, so anchor up at 0500 in the pitch Black and head off awaiting the sunrise. It made a brief appearance.

But was then supplanted by clouds and storms running up the coast. We even had a couple of water spouts go past us.

1300 we entered Camden Haven and picked up one of the 2 free moorings where the yachts are in the bottom right of the attached picture.

Vessel Name: Moor R&R
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450 2013
Hailing Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
Crew: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
About: Mo (Black cat) and Omar (White cat) Moor R&R (Fat cat) Kathy and Paul cleaners, repairers and feeders.
Extra: One Glass of Red wine = 1 hour in the Gym no wonder I am so fit.
Moor R&R's Photos - Weather always take it with you
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Sunset in Wangi Wangi Bay Lake Macquarie
Storm over Manly 8/12/2014

Moor R&R Lagoon 450

Who: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
"So long and thanks for all the fish" Douglas Adams