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Season 5 begins of five months or five years - October 30th, 2015

On the Move Again - Martinique

05 February 2013
We spent our last week in Bequia with Kim and Sandy. There was the usual tour of the island, the ferry over to St. Vincent for the day and just hanging out. All of our guests have come and gone now and it was time to start moving further north for our next round of guests. Michael dropped Kim and Sandy off at the Frangiepangie for one last round of drinks before Champ, one of the local taxi drivers took them to the airport. I am sure we were out of Bequia before Kim and Sandy left the airport. Our next stop was going to be Martinique which was about 100 miles. We pulled anchor around 1:30 and dropped anchor the next morning in Ste. Anne, Martinique. It was what is described here as a spirited sail with a single reef and about a third of our jib out we reached speeds of over 10 knots will surfing down the swells. We spent a few days provisioning as this island is so developed that they even have Macdonald's. We had not seen one since we left Florida. Once the beer and wine was loaded up we had another awesome sail around to Ste. Pierre. Here we met up with Cheetah ll and would sail the next leg with them to Domincia.
Vessel Name: More Mischief
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sunkiss 47
Hailing Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario
Crew: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
About: The trip of the life time begins. I wonder if it will kill us...5 months or five years. Our 47 foot Jeanneau is to be our home for the next 5 years. At this stage is would be interesting to know what it would be like to spend 24/7 together.
Extra: Year three is about to start. We are heading back to Antigua to launch the boat and plan on cruising back up to St. Marten and then over to the Virgin Islands for the season.
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Who: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario