More Mischief Wherever We Go

Season 5 begins of five months or five years - October 30th, 2015

8 Months at home

11 November 2014
Where to start? We are only home this long for two reasons: Adrian and Lisa's wedding and OHIP. If we want to keep our health insurance, we have to maintain residency for 152 days. Of course, it is always nice to see all our family and friends again. There really was no point in going back to Antigua in September and then turn around and come back again for the big wedding in November.
The summer has been non-existent. Not to mention that we actually saw snow again for the first time in three years. The first thing we had to take care of when we returned was the roof. It had been done 4 years ago. Adrian discovered a big mold problem in the attic. The whole roof was removed, shingles, wood and insulation. All we could see was $$$$$$$$$$$$ signs.
We became the EYC boat sluts, staying with whoever will have us. Thanks to Tommy and Cindy for hosting us on many occasions. The sail over to Wilson for the Jimmy Buffet weekend with them was a blast. Such a deal, breakfasts and dinners for two nights for 70.00 including entertainment. The topper was for Michael with his 20.00 wrist band that entitled him to as much beer as he could drink the whole weekend. He actually made sure that he got his money's worth on the first night because he thought they may run out. Then there was the next trip to Wilson with Tina and Steve. This time we were challenged with low water and bumping our way into the harbor. Then not getting to the anchorage and have to squeeze are way into the pig pen at Tuscarora Yacht club. Of course getting out again and stuck in the mud made for the morning entertainment at the club. The weekend in the cold sailing over to Cathedral Bluffs with Colin and Charlene was great fun too. Getting boarded by a bunch of pirates (they know who they are) and then staying up way too late telling boat tales.
In June, Lachlan and the kids came home for a visit and for the memorial for my sister Maggie who passed away the previous October. The whole family is coming in November. Matthew and his whole family are also coming for the wedding and we are really looking forward to seeing all of them.
Michael has spent the better part of the summer working at his mother's house and yesterday (October, 27th) he finally finished up the last job. She now has new baseboards, newly painted bathroom and family room and repaired, dry walled and painted garage. Her back deck roof was secured for the winter, the trees and shrubs were trimmed and chimney was chocked. I on the other hand went back to work. There was an opportunity that came along that I just could not pass up. Basically, my old job back and working with all the same people. Not to mention, that this was a great chance to top up the cruising kitty.
With the extra income, there is always time for a little holiday so we went to Florida for a week. It was really hot and it sure was nice to be there again. For the first time, we went to an NFL game and we also spent a day on the water where I got totally burnt. Michael on the other hand got a terrible cold and gave it to me.
So now we are on the countdown for the wedding and returning to Antigua. The boat survived hurricane Gonzalo. We are really looking forward to getting back.....creating More Mischief Where Ever We Go!
Vessel Name: More Mischief
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sunkiss 47
Hailing Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario
Crew: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
About: The trip of the life time begins. I wonder if it will kill us...5 months or five years. Our 47 foot Jeanneau is to be our home for the next 5 years. At this stage is would be interesting to know what it would be like to spend 24/7 together.
Extra: Year three is about to start. We are heading back to Antigua to launch the boat and plan on cruising back up to St. Marten and then over to the Virgin Islands for the season.

Who: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario