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Season 5 begins of five months or five years - October 30th, 2015

Bonaire - finally found the update

10 November 2015
It's been a three months since we left St Marten and we have really enjoyed our time in Bonaire.
Bonaire is a Caribbean island east of Central America and north of Venezuela. The island is part of the ABC Islands together with Aruba and CuraƧao. It is a flat, riverless island renowned for its dive spots. Its tropical climate is moderated by constant trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean.
This is the longest time we have ever spent on one island.

There are supposed to be forty moorings along the coast which are serviced by the local Marina on behalf of the national park. Anchoring is not permitted here in order to protect the coral. It seemed to be a weekly event that someone's mooring needed the lines replaced and had to do it themselves. In one week there were seven Canadian flagged boats as two other American flagged boats that were owed by Canadians. While we were here, the three months that an American is allowed to stay in Bonaire changed to six months. We can only stay for three months and then you must leave and cannot come back until another three months are up unless you want to pay 750.00 US per person to stay longer.

The biggest attraction to the island is that it is known as one of the top places in the world to scuba dive. Snorkeling, kiteboarding and wind surfing are also very popular here. Some of the other big attractions are the salt mines and the flamingos. There are also some great little restaurants in this tiny island.

Michael hooked up with a group cruisers that like to scuba dive almost every day. He seems to really enjoy it and is now feeling much more comfortable with the whole process. He now nitrox certified and has done almost 50 dives since we arrived. Night diving is also very popular here. Every month on about the fifth day after a full month you can dive to see ostracods which look like thousands of tiny Christmas lights. It is quite a beautiful site. He also dove on a wreck.

Linda Morrish came and spent almost a week snorkeling and toured the island with us. The most interesting dis that we saw was the frog fish that made their home on the mooring blocks two boats down from us. This was the first time we had ever seen flamingos in the wild. We are enjoyed the donkeys that just wonder the streets. Is most islands you hear roasters in the night but here you hear the donkeys.

Of course, Tina and Steve came and spent some time with us. While they were here, they both got certified to dive. I think actually got ten dives in.

We have met so cruisers this year and have had so much fun with them, from touring the island to burger night, piazza night and many happy ours. Our summer at home will involve land cruising and meeting up with them in

It's hard to believe that last year at this time we were getting ready to haul the boat and head home. We still have just over three weeks and we will have to depart Bonaire and head over to Curacao.
Vessel Name: More Mischief
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sunkiss 47
Hailing Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario
Crew: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
About: The trip of the life time begins. I wonder if it will kill us...5 months or five years. Our 47 foot Jeanneau is to be our home for the next 5 years. At this stage is would be interesting to know what it would be like to spend 24/7 together.
Extra: Year three is about to start. We are heading back to Antigua to launch the boat and plan on cruising back up to St. Marten and then over to the Virgin Islands for the season.

Who: Michael Hall and Hilda Allward
Port: EYC Toronto, Ontario