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The Adkins family learns to sail in a Macgregor 26

11 December 2009 | Dubai, UAE
12 October 2009 | Bandar Khyran, Oman
02 October 2009 | Dubai
17 July 2009 | Home – St. Austell, UK
16 July 2009 | Falmouth Marina, UK
13 July 2009 | Mevagissey, UK
12 July 2009 | Helford, UK
29 May 2009 | Dubai
25 April 2009 | Dubai
24 April 2009 | Dubai
14 March 2009 | Dubai
27 February 2009 | Dubai, UAE
15 February 2009 | Mussandam, Oman
07 February 2009 | Dubai
09 December 2008 | Dubai
01 December 2008 | Dubai

The Cornish Cats Who Went to Sea – Day 7 (Last day)

17 July 2009 | Home – St. Austell, UK
Nevil / A windy evening but fine at last
17/07/2009 St Austell
We woke this morning and still the rain was falling in bucket loads and the promised f6 was howling through the mastheads, clanking the halyards to a percussive tune. We decided that enough was enough; this charter was supposed to be a fun holiday but the worst weather in months had drowned out most of the enjoyment. As we cleared our belongings from our temporary home I reflected on the week. Far from an exciting introduction to UK cruising during a flaming summer, we had endured a week of foul weather during which RNAS Culdrose recorded 56mm of rain, more than the average for the whole of July, and the winds had been above Force 4 for most of the time. At various times during the week I had sworn to myself that we will never do this again; whether I hold true to that promise to myself remains to be seen. It is a pity really since when the weather is good there are few better places in the world than the south coast of Cornwall, but the inconsistency is the bane of the Cornish tourist trade. Nevertheless, as with all experiences in life, we take away learning points both positive and negative and as I remember a canal boat holiday with my parents when I was slightly younger than my sons are now, I am sure that they will look back and remember this holiday. I remember my canal holiday as good weather. Will Robert & Luke remember the five days of rain or the one dry day during which they fished for crabs till the sun went down?
Next year - somewhere warm!
Vessel Name: Morwenna
Vessel Make/Model: MacGregor 26
Hailing Port: Dubai, UAE
Crew: Nevil, Rachel, Robert & Luke Adkins


Who: Nevil, Rachel, Robert & Luke Adkins
Port: Dubai, UAE