The Adventures of SV Mulan

09 October 2010 | Vancouver
14 September 2010 | Semiahmoo Marina, Blaine, WA
12 September 2010
12 September 2010
12 September 2010
11 September 2010 | 145 miles from Cape Flattery
10 September 2010
06 September 2010
04 September 2010
03 September 2010
01 September 2010
29 August 2010
27 August 2010 | still in the pacific
26 August 2010 | The pacific
24 August 2010 | heading NW!
20 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
16 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
15 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
12 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
12 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu

AIS revisited & other stuff

04 September 2010
My enthusiasm for using AIS as a defence strategy are previously reported, but today, a big honking container ship was coming right at us. We initially slowed down to let him pass ahead by more than the 0.2 miles the AIS indicated, even though he was still over the horizon. But then a funny thing happened - he changed course. Wow, someone on their bridge was watching out, and saw little ol' Mulan up ahead before they had a visual. Cool. Yesterday, a freighter passed us that listed its length in mile terms - 0.179nm. It was like watching a small mountainous nation stated slide by. Today we are motoring NNE again in search of wind. Stay tuned. The GRIBs indicate that is where it will be later today. Paul caught a fish this morning - we think it is an albacore tuna, but it doesn't show in Grant's Guide. Maybe Aussies don't do albacore.
Vessel Name: Mulan
Vessel Make/Model: Grand Soleil 39
Hailing Port: Vancouver, Canada
Crew: The Parr Family
About: Susan - Captain; Andrew - First Officer; Jack - Bosun & Cruise Director; Sam - Communications Officer; Max - Purser
Extra: Don't dream it - do it. The sailing adventure of the Parr family aboard SV Mulan.

SV Mulan

Who: The Parr Family
Port: Vancouver, Canada