The Adventures of SV Mulan

09 October 2010 | Vancouver
14 September 2010 | Semiahmoo Marina, Blaine, WA
12 September 2010
12 September 2010
12 September 2010
11 September 2010 | 145 miles from Cape Flattery
10 September 2010
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29 August 2010
27 August 2010 | still in the pacific
26 August 2010 | The pacific
24 August 2010 | heading NW!
20 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
16 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
15 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
12 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu
12 August 2010 | Hawaii YC, Honolulu


09 October 2010 | Vancouver
Well, it's nice to be sitting at a desktop computer in the stable environment of one's home. The days of typing, then hoping for a good radio connection to upload a rant are now behind me. Unless Lotto intervenes.
It has been easy to adjust to life on land. It helps that Susan & the boys were home ahead of me, but the fact that we house remained fully furnished in our absence helped. That said, we are still unpacking, especially as each time I go down to Mulan, I return with another van load. Last trip was the bulk of the remaining food. There is still enough stowed to provide rations for us if we need to evacuate due to an earthquake.
Talking of earthquakes, I had a good yack to both my brother & sister in N.Z. While on the phone with Vivienne in Christchurch, she felt a small after shock - two weeks after the initial 'quake. All my family are well and were not directly impacted in terms of damage.
To try and find my land legs, I have started running again - although my shuffles barely qualifies as a jog at this stage. I've also refereed half a soccer game for Jack's team - four days after the passage, so the legs were wobbly to say the least. Did it in bare feet, in the best cruiser traditions. I have also attended a rugby refereeing course, so I can now weild a whistle (not to mention yell at the TV) with impunity.
This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada - another tradition pioneered in Canada! The Capaz crew are coming over for Turkey and trimmings, so it may become a compliant SMYC event. We'll have to crack out the t-shirts and take some snaps!
Thanks to Jamie & Elliot on Totem, we now have photos again, so stay tuned for new uploads to our Picassa web albums site.
Cheers, Team Mulan.
Vessel Name: Mulan
Vessel Make/Model: Grand Soleil 39
Hailing Port: Vancouver, Canada
Crew: The Parr Family
About: Susan - Captain; Andrew - First Officer; Jack - Bosun & Cruise Director; Sam - Communications Officer; Max - Purser
Extra: Don't dream it - do it. The sailing adventure of the Parr family aboard SV Mulan.

SV Mulan

Who: The Parr Family
Port: Vancouver, Canada