MV Marina

12 December 2011
08 February 2011 | Queen Charlotte Sound
25 December 2010
25 December 2010
25 December 2010 | Spencr Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
20 December 2010 | Flipper Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010 | Tarakohe

First Guests

20 December 2010 | Flipper Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
Karen / Rainy day
Yesterday we farewelled our first guests to stay on board with us. Craig's mum and stepdad, Marg and Ron, who had come with us when we first clapped eyes on Marina, and so had seen the state she was in then, came from Auckland to stay a week aboard the transformed Marina. It was a delight to show them what we'd done over the 6 months of her refit, and they couldn't quite believe the changes, even though there were photo updates along the way. Somehow she seemed bigger inside, and lighter and airier, and they said she was a comfortable boat to be on, solid underfoot, and that she is.

We spent nights in gorgeous bays around Queen Charlotte Sound and Guard Bay and fished around there, catching heaps of blue cod, 5 crayfish, and good-size scallops. Hard to say who was the keenest fisherperson but Ron was usually the first with his line out each morning. Twice we had a pod of dolphins frolicking alongside and playing at the bow, often swimming almost upside down to get the rush of water over their bellies. We wonder if it's the throbbing sound of the Gardner engine they hear that has them racing over to us. We've had a seal lolling on by, ducks with their ducklings looking for tidbits as we've moored in a bay, and watched wekas fossicking on the stony beaches.

Marina has been running like a dream and we're delighted with her.
Vessel Name: Marina
Vessel Make/Model: Lanes Trawler
Hailing Port: Tarakohe, Golden Bay, NZ
Crew: Karen & Craig Bishop-Everett
About: Former city dwellers but always dreamers, we were inspired by others living a different kind of life and seeing the world aboard a vessel designed for living in comfort on the water.
In 2010, we jumped off the treadmill, leaving good jobs and city life to embark on a project to refit an ex trawler that had been neglected for a number of years. Marina was built in 1932, a 60 foot, Lanes design with 2 inch kauri hull and a recon 8L3B Gardiner engine. After 6 months of work (well, [...]
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Karen & Craig's Big Adventure

Who: Karen & Craig Bishop-Everett
Port: Tarakohe, Golden Bay, NZ