MV Marina

12 December 2011
08 February 2011 | Queen Charlotte Sound
25 December 2010
25 December 2010
25 December 2010 | Spencr Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
20 December 2010 | Flipper Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010
20 December 2010 | Tarakohe

New Year

08 February 2011 | Queen Charlotte Sound
For New Year, Auckland friends Robert and Chris joined us on board and together we found that our outdoor table holds four maniacs dancing. Had a ripper of a New Year party at the infamous Furneaux Lodge at Endeavour Inlet, Queen Charlotte Sound. Chris had brought two sparkly tiaras for her and I, so with those, we were the undeniable queens of ..... everything! We met up with Don and Sue on their boat Thalassa, with their friend Jackie, and danced the night away with them. Young and old were there, great band, good fun. The free water-taxi service was a godsend – in the wee hours, Sue rolled off the side of the taxi on to Thalassa’s duckboard with such elegance and grace ...
New Year’s Day was just as cloudy as we were so we chilled for the day. The following day found us at Resolution Bay (how apt for New Year goals!) and walked part of Queen Charlotte Track there (a really small part, we were still in recovery mode after all). Anchored later at Flipper Bay, where we saw stingrays at the water’s edge and heard the tuis’ call in the surrounding trees. This may have been the highlight for Robert – he succeeded, by repeatedly whistling a different tune to the tuis, to have them change their tune to mimic him! What a trainer!
After dropping Robert & Chris off at the Picton ferry terminal next day, we spent the night in suburbia (the marina at Picton) – it felt strange to be amongst the bustle of a township mid-silly-season, and we already wonder if we could ever live a city life again. Thalassa was berthed opposite us so we caught up with Don, Sue and Jackie again.
Vessel Name: Marina
Vessel Make/Model: Lanes Trawler
Hailing Port: Tarakohe, Golden Bay, NZ
Crew: Karen & Craig Bishop-Everett
About: Former city dwellers but always dreamers, we were inspired by others living a different kind of life and seeing the world aboard a vessel designed for living in comfort on the water.
In 2010, we jumped off the treadmill, leaving good jobs and city life to embark on a project to refit an ex trawler that had been neglected for a number of years. Marina was built in 1932, a 60 foot, Lanes design with 2 inch kauri hull and a recon 8L3B Gardiner engine. After 6 months of work (well, [...]
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Karen & Craig's Big Adventure

Who: Karen & Craig Bishop-Everett
Port: Tarakohe, Golden Bay, NZ