MV Shearwater

08 September 2013 | Kitchen Table
06 September 2013 | Admiralty Inlet
06 September 2013 | Mid Pacific
06 September 2013 | Off Oregon coast
06 September 2013 | Neah Bay
05 September 2013 | 47 42.7'N:125 27.6'W, 50nm from Wa entrance
04 September 2013 | 45 44.9'N:127 41.5'W, 197nm from Wa entrance
03 September 2013 | 43 51.3'N:130 07.0'W, 350nm from Wa entrance
02 September 2013 | 42 18.2'N:132 43.2'W, 498nm from Wa
01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
31 August 2013 | 40 23'N:138 20'W, 754 nm from Wa
30 August 2013 | 39 42.4'N:141 25.8'W, 882nm from Wa
29 August 2013 | 38 50.3'N:144 27.3'W, 1021nm from Wa
28 August 2013 | 37 18.7'N:146 40.4'W, 1160 nm from Wa
27 August 2013 | 34 41.2'N:148 30.1'W, 1292 nm from Wa
26 August 2013 | 34 11.0'N:150 23.5'W, 1420 nm from Wa
25 August 2013 | 32 25.1'N:152 21.8'W, 1565nm from Wa
24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii

85nm to Hawaii Ode to the Duck

22 August 2013 | 22 58.7'N:156 09.5'W, Getting into the rhythm
David C
Present position 22 deg 58.7" N 156 deg 09.5" W COG 0038 deg SOG 6.1 kts Estimated 24h 24deg 55.9"N 154 deg 33.9 " W Wind 07 kts ESE 24h range: 6-17kts Seas l 1M Swell Wind waves minimal Baro 29.89 24h range 29.89-29.95 Clouds 20% cumulus

Yesterday went well. Woke up early and shopped for frozen green vegetables to avoid Beri Beri underway. Returned the rental car and brought a thirsty Shearwater to the fuel dock with only the lightest of trades making docking about as easy as it could be. We had the luxury of two diesel pumps so we filled the keel and swimstep tanks simultaneously, adding Stanodyne additive to increase lubricity and raise the cetane number for those interested. We topped off with 1467.82 gal so by reverse calculation we had a spare of 533.18 gal when we arrived from Majuro which corresponds amazingly well with Wade's final estimate of 530 gallons!!! Close enough for government work I'd say.

Cast off lines and headed out for a lovely view of Honolulu and Waikiki and left Diamond head in our wake as we headed to the Molokai Channel. It is not uncommon to have nasty short steep seas due to wind and tide conflicts but the ride yesterday was nicer than any we have had since Palau. Put out fishing lines and got things ship shape for this long passage. Got our sextant out to take advantage of John's expertise and were amazed as John looked at the sun and estimated its angle to the horizon within 1Ú2 a degree before confirming with the sextant. As it turned out, our evening star sights were hampered by clouds but by the time we get to Seattle, both Mark and I hope to be really competent at all aspects of celestial navigation. In addition, both John and Mark are excellent sailors and we raised sails effectively for the first time on this entire trip. With 10 kts of wind at present, we are getting over 6 kts burning 1.2 gallons of fuel an hour. Feels nice to be cru ising economically for a change.

Made a pressure cooked Cabbage and Kielbasa soup for dinner with toasted Noah's everything bagels and settled in for a few of John's stories of his years ocean cruising - pretty amazing. Mark and I fall into talking medical shop talk and with little effort make Wade and John a bit queasy - something the roughest seas are unable to do.

Full moon last night and a lovely ocean with a 10 knot breeze, just enough to make the temperature comfortable but great sea conditions. This morning is more of the same. Caught a double of big aku (skipjack tuna) and kept one and returned the other on to the sea. Grilled fish tonight. And finally, we miss Dave and Roger and wish we could have had some of this weather when they were aboard but feel bonded and grateful for their help having gone through our sometimes trying passage with them. Roger, you will be happy that John has accepted the airborne alley berth with all it's challenge and that I beat Wade as we both lingered on the last peg slot in Cribbage. Dave, we are already working well into the system that you developed for watch, engine room checks, and general boat efficiency and safety and we'll try to make you proud. Working on getting the log data into a spreadsheet to better massage the info.

Really nice day so far using the Duck under sails as it was designed for. It really offers great fuel economy and I am glad to get conditions to use it compared to those on the trip so far.
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: Seahorse Marine Diesel duck 462
Hailing Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Crew: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R

Who: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R
Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands