MV Shearwater

08 September 2013 | Kitchen Table
06 September 2013 | Admiralty Inlet
06 September 2013 | Mid Pacific
06 September 2013 | Off Oregon coast
06 September 2013 | Neah Bay
05 September 2013 | 47 42.7'N:125 27.6'W, 50nm from Wa entrance
04 September 2013 | 45 44.9'N:127 41.5'W, 197nm from Wa entrance
03 September 2013 | 43 51.3'N:130 07.0'W, 350nm from Wa entrance
02 September 2013 | 42 18.2'N:132 43.2'W, 498nm from Wa
01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
31 August 2013 | 40 23'N:138 20'W, 754 nm from Wa
30 August 2013 | 39 42.4'N:141 25.8'W, 882nm from Wa
29 August 2013 | 38 50.3'N:144 27.3'W, 1021nm from Wa
28 August 2013 | 37 18.7'N:146 40.4'W, 1160 nm from Wa
27 August 2013 | 34 41.2'N:148 30.1'W, 1292 nm from Wa
26 August 2013 | 34 11.0'N:150 23.5'W, 1420 nm from Wa
25 August 2013 | 32 25.1'N:152 21.8'W, 1565nm from Wa
24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii

Sailing Duck

23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii
David C
present position: 24deg 57.9' N 154deg 31.8' W, COG 0040, SOG 6.7kts estimated 24hr: 26deg 53.1' N 152deg 54.8' W

baro: 29.92 24hr range 29.89 - .95

wind: E 13kts, 24hr range ESE-E 06-17kts

seas: 1-2m East Swell

Clouds: 10% coverage low cumulus. Squall activity in Eastern Horizon this morning, nothing now.

Summary: Continued great conditions with "usable" wind on our beam.

To anyone who questions the need for a sail rig or wonders about it's efficacy, wonder no longer. I have been waiting for a long time to see the sail rig in action and for the past 24h it has been fantastic. This morning, Wade did his routine "Howzitgoing" calculations and although we had sails up for only part of that time, our distance made good was 144nm, average speed 6 kts, but the most impressive are fuel use totals of 39 gal/24h or 1.63 g/h. The wind has been steady between 10 and 15 kts just forward of our beam. At the moment of this writing, our fuel consumption is 1.5 g/h, wind is 14kts ESE, and we are making 6.7 kts. We are on a starboard tack with a heading of 040 degrees using full sails, including a high cut jib and a loose footed main. The boat is heeled over just the slightest amount and is driving. Paravanes are not in the water and the sails are doing a great job of stabilizing. (that's for you Bill!!) Pretty darn good. Compare this to our dark d ays of the early Majuro to Hawaii leg. We were making 3.5 kts burning 3.7 g/h with strong headwinds and a current against us. This is better for everyone. We are still experimenting with optimal engine rpm for the sail rig and are most concerned with making this trip quickly and safely, not setting low fuel burn records.

Mark and I fired up our new barbecue last night and cooked tuna in foil packets perfectly spiced with wasabi aioli and all ate together in the pilot house with sides of rice and sautĀŽed asparagus. Wade passed around frozen Snickers bars to celebrate the moment and we all agreed that conditions so far and morale were pretty good.

This morning we caught two nice mahi mahi which are filleted, one cooling for tonight's dinner and another for the freezer and leaner times. Sometimes things go well. We are not complacent, however, as this is a very long trip and it is the Pacific Ocean, but we are making good distance while conditions are optimal.

By the way, Wade and John saw the "Green Flash" last night as the sun set over the Western horizon. Mark and I were preparing food downstairs but will be looking for it in coming days. John has done 09 years of open ocean cruising and this is the first time he has seen it, despite looking for it many times in the past.

Last, the temperature and humidity are vastly improved compared to the tropics. It is perfectly comfortable on the boat and on deck and the fridge, which accumulated huge amounts of water rendering everything soggy and watter logged in the Southern latitudes, is surprisingly working well now and all is dry.
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: Seahorse Marine Diesel duck 462
Hailing Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Crew: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R

Who: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R
Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands