MV Shearwater

08 September 2013 | Kitchen Table
06 September 2013 | Admiralty Inlet
06 September 2013 | Mid Pacific
06 September 2013 | Off Oregon coast
06 September 2013 | Neah Bay
05 September 2013 | 47 42.7'N:125 27.6'W, 50nm from Wa entrance
04 September 2013 | 45 44.9'N:127 41.5'W, 197nm from Wa entrance
03 September 2013 | 43 51.3'N:130 07.0'W, 350nm from Wa entrance
02 September 2013 | 42 18.2'N:132 43.2'W, 498nm from Wa
01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
31 August 2013 | 40 23'N:138 20'W, 754 nm from Wa
30 August 2013 | 39 42.4'N:141 25.8'W, 882nm from Wa
29 August 2013 | 38 50.3'N:144 27.3'W, 1021nm from Wa
28 August 2013 | 37 18.7'N:146 40.4'W, 1160 nm from Wa
27 August 2013 | 34 41.2'N:148 30.1'W, 1292 nm from Wa
26 August 2013 | 34 11.0'N:150 23.5'W, 1420 nm from Wa
25 August 2013 | 32 25.1'N:152 21.8'W, 1565nm from Wa
24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii

Change of Course

23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
David C
Position and Weather Report

Position: Lat: 27deg 25.9 " Long: 153deg 57.0 "

Predicted 24h position: Lat: 29 deg 51.6" Long: 153deg 57.0"

COG: 011deg SOG: 6.7-7.2kts Fuel consumption presently 1.9g/h Sails up

Baro:29.98 24h range:29.92-30.04

Wind: E 10kts 24h range:05-16kts Waves: East Swell 1M scattered whitecaps

Clouds:20% Cumulus Scattered squalls with overcast this morning

Summary: New Course with wind initially backing to the South, now back to E. Sails up with good speed and stabilization

Will include the below calculations for your interest. They are not expected to remain this rosy but it will be interesting to follow along the trip. Lee, thanks for your advice!!!

24h summary Fuel used:40g Gal/hr 1.66 Fuel at destination:1362 Distance made good:147nm Ave. Speed:6.13kts MPG:3.68 Fuel remaining:1877 Max range:6907 Range to Destination:1893 Reserve Range:5014

Will include the above data for whoever is interested. I fear it may be converted to non tabular form on the blog but you can get the idea. I send this to Lee q 12h.

Change in Course

Yesterday we rode the ESE wind with sails up until mid evening when the wind shifted to the SSE and fell to 4-5 kts causing the sails to flop noisily. We furled them quickly and continued under power at 2 g/h making over 6 kts. At present with a 12kt wind from the ENE we raised sail again with good stabilization but not as effective propulsion as wind on or abaft the beam. Again, though, with a hat tip to Bill Kimley, with apparent wind of 45 degrees, the sails reduce roll significantly without needing to deploy the paravanes which although effective, result in a .5 kt reduction in speed over ground.

Yesterday Lee Chesneau, our weather router, gave a course change suggestion which we heeded immediately. He predicted if we stayed on our original course, by tomorrow we would be facing 20 kt headwinds similar to our previous leg due to location of a high pressure system with clockwise winds. We changed heading from 038 deg to 010deg, going significantly Northward where we are predicted to have light and variable winds. As you can imagine, it is great to have that kind of expert weather forecasting with our safety and comfort in mind. Thanks Lee!!!

I took the advice of my Hebe Haven friends and purchased the little Weber gas barbecue instead of the models made for marine use which cost 3x as much. When conditions are good, it is easy to use and effective. Cheeseburgers came off it for a late lunch yesterday served with all the trimmings. No one was hungry for dinner so the Mahi will have to wait until tonight.

Sorry for the confusion on the last two blogs. My communications computer battery ran down during the break and the internal date reverted to January 2012 and so the entries were placed chronologically. Thank you Lillie for changing the dates for the two blogs which were misplaced. Should be fixed for future posts as I reset this computer to PST.

Initially cloudy here with scattered squalls but now blue skies, blue water and a 10 kt breeze, sails up and 7+ kts. Wish you were here.
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: Seahorse Marine Diesel duck 462
Hailing Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Crew: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R

Who: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R
Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands