MV Shearwater

08 September 2013 | Kitchen Table
06 September 2013 | Admiralty Inlet
06 September 2013 | Mid Pacific
06 September 2013 | Off Oregon coast
06 September 2013 | Neah Bay
05 September 2013 | 47 42.7'N:125 27.6'W, 50nm from Wa entrance
04 September 2013 | 45 44.9'N:127 41.5'W, 197nm from Wa entrance
03 September 2013 | 43 51.3'N:130 07.0'W, 350nm from Wa entrance
02 September 2013 | 42 18.2'N:132 43.2'W, 498nm from Wa
01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
31 August 2013 | 40 23'N:138 20'W, 754 nm from Wa
30 August 2013 | 39 42.4'N:141 25.8'W, 882nm from Wa
29 August 2013 | 38 50.3'N:144 27.3'W, 1021nm from Wa
28 August 2013 | 37 18.7'N:146 40.4'W, 1160 nm from Wa
27 August 2013 | 34 41.2'N:148 30.1'W, 1292 nm from Wa
26 August 2013 | 34 11.0'N:150 23.5'W, 1420 nm from Wa
25 August 2013 | 32 25.1'N:152 21.8'W, 1565nm from Wa
24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii

Mahi Mania and 4:44

24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
David C
Position and Weather Report Position: Lat: 30deg 01.2" Long: 153deg 27.1 " Predicted 24h position: Lat: 32deg 26.2" Long: 153deg 09.0" COG: 011deg SOG: 7.o kts Baro: 30.04 24h range:29.95-30.06 Wind: E 8 kts 24h range: 6-15 kts Waves E swell 1 m Sails up:yes Present gph 1.5 Clouds:20% cumulus Summary: More of the same nice weather. When do you predict we will head East?

24h summary Fuel used: 46g: Gal/hr 1.92 Fuel at destination:1316g Distance made good:157nm Ave. Speed:6.54 kts MPG:3.41 Fuel remaining: 1831g Max range:6244 nm Range to Destination:1756 nautical miles Reserve Range 4488m:

Another beautiful day on the Pacific. Light breeze enough to fill the sails and keep the crew cool and comfortable. Awoke to the smell of home fries cooking and we all breakfasted in the pilothouse thanks to Wade's cheesy eggs, home fries and fried meatlike product which shall remain nameless. Our breakfast was interrupted by a strike of a small but brilliant Mahi which we sent back to the deep blue sea. Still lacking a wahoo, we had a swimming plug out to target those fish. However, within a short while a strike on the double hooked plug didn't act like a wahoo or anything else for that matter. We were all surprised to see a pair of large Mahi hooked on the same plug on different hooks. One we released and the other ended up in the freezer. Stopped fishing for a while as we are running out of space and we are needing a break from filleting. (I know, poor us)

The 4:44 refers to Zulu time or UTC. We have been on this clock for the entire trip so as we go further East, our watches change relative to the time of day. Yesterday, 04:44 was sunset and 15:42 was sunrise! Being on this time schedule makes things less confusing in the long run and it makes celestial navigation a bit less complicated. One has to rely on internal cues, however, to know when you're hungry, tired etc!

Sails remain up and helpful. Today we are headed almost due North with the wind coming from the East. Presently we are averaging over 7 kts with sails and the engine using only 1.5 gph. Although we thought windless conditions would be just fine for our trip, I know we will all miss the feeling of being under sail and the economy it affords.

Wade has stepped up his cribbage game and is unbeatable at the moment. Yesterday he twisted our arms to play a 4 handed game of Hearts. Pretty fun except some of these guys are sharpies. Care for a small wager???
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: Seahorse Marine Diesel duck 462
Hailing Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Crew: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R

Who: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R
Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands