MV Shearwater

08 September 2013 | Kitchen Table
06 September 2013 | Admiralty Inlet
06 September 2013 | Mid Pacific
06 September 2013 | Off Oregon coast
06 September 2013 | Neah Bay
05 September 2013 | 47 42.7'N:125 27.6'W, 50nm from Wa entrance
04 September 2013 | 45 44.9'N:127 41.5'W, 197nm from Wa entrance
03 September 2013 | 43 51.3'N:130 07.0'W, 350nm from Wa entrance
02 September 2013 | 42 18.2'N:132 43.2'W, 498nm from Wa
01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
31 August 2013 | 40 23'N:138 20'W, 754 nm from Wa
30 August 2013 | 39 42.4'N:141 25.8'W, 882nm from Wa
29 August 2013 | 38 50.3'N:144 27.3'W, 1021nm from Wa
28 August 2013 | 37 18.7'N:146 40.4'W, 1160 nm from Wa
27 August 2013 | 34 41.2'N:148 30.1'W, 1292 nm from Wa
26 August 2013 | 34 11.0'N:150 23.5'W, 1420 nm from Wa
25 August 2013 | 32 25.1'N:152 21.8'W, 1565nm from Wa
24 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1706 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 27 25.9'N:153 57.0'W, 1893 nm from Wa
23 August 2013 | 24 57.9'N:154 31.8'W, NE of Hawaii

Budge low!

01 September 2013 | 40 47.1'N:135 11.7'W, 636 nm from Wa
David C
Position and Weather Report

Position: Lat: 40deg 47.1" Long: 135 deg 11.7 "

Predicted 24h position: Lat: 42deg 48.8" Long: 133 deg 01.2 "

COG: 050deg SOG: 6.2kts

Baro: 1006mb 24h range:1004-1007 Wind: WNW 25kts 24h range: 16-28kts Waves WNW 3M confused Sails furled Present gph 2.3

Clouds:70% cumulus and cumulostratus

Summary: Have headed NE. Taking confused seas just abaft the beam and had to fall off 5 degrees but tolerable for now. Hoping wind will abate sooner than later. Presently 636 nm from Neah Bay.

24h summary Fuel used:53g Gal/hr2.2 Fuel at destination:1138 Distance made good:145nm Ave. Speed: 6.0 MPG:2.7 Fuel remaining:1368g Max range:3743 Range to Destination:670 Reserve Range:3073

Budge Low

The low pressure system which came zipping down from Alaska has set up shop just to the North and East of us blocking our direct route to Neah Bay. Yesterday morning, with conditions looking good locally, we resumed the line to Washington before hearing from Lee. Conditions were initially not too bad, even when we heard Lee's suggestion to continue at constant Latitude Eastward. Within a short time, however, the wisdom of his suggestion became apparent as wind and seas built progressively from the WNW to steady 4M seas with the occasional "would you look at that one!" As the ride became more exciting, I decided to follow Lee's advice and we turned East at 40 deg 28". My certificate for following seas has certainly been met. The ride became comfortable enough to cook up a bunch of ribs which we ate while cruising downswell with the occasional wallowing of Shearwater due to slightly different wave trains from behind. The moon rose late giving us a beautiful night sky an d when it did rise, it was a perfect orange crescent in the Eastern sky. Just heard from Lee that we can turn North if we can tolerate the conditions. It is a bit rolly from the beam sea but not too bad. We hope the wind and sea will diminish beginning tomorrow.

Good news is that we have enough food and fuel to go for days and days but we are looking forward to heading back to Washington as this low pressure system dissipates. We want to get up and inside before the next system from Alaska makes its way South.

Saw a beautiful Albatross in the North Pacific Ocean yesterday afternoon flying effortlessly in the 25 kts winds and skimming over the big seas. Mark got a series of nice pics framed against the afternoon sun and clouds.

Will resume fishing pretty soon so we can compare fresh albacore to the Costco 12 pack of fancy albacore packed in water we have in the pantry.
Vessel Name: Shearwater
Vessel Make/Model: Seahorse Marine Diesel duck 462
Hailing Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Crew: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R

Who: Dave C, Dave N, Roger R, Wade B John M, Mark R
Port: Avatiu, Cook Islands