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The adventures of a non sailor

01 March 2016 | Grenada

It’s a dirty job, but a (show)girl has to do it

06 March 2016
Great start to the day, we had a blocked bilge suction pipe. Due to the injury of the Captain’ right arm some girl power was required to pull the pipe out of the bilge for cleaning. There was no point in getting dressed, it was pretty messy. The blockage was a reel of electrical tape which had fallen into the bilge some time ago.

Miss Judi

01 March 2016 | Grenada

Last Friday, I joined as a volunteer the swimming class of Deb Eastwood a swimming teacher on Grand Anse Beach. The kids came from a nearby school, their ages ranging from 6 to 12 years. I was introduced as Miss Judi. Each volunteer was assigned one child.
Regan, who is 7, wanted to be with me, so off we went into the sea. It was more playing in the water, than teaching swimming. We used the noodle and body board. Regan constantly had new ideas what to do with them. We were in the water for over an hour. Little girls are not easy, but Regan was sweet and we had fun. Quite a responsibility to look after somebody else’s child
Vessel Name: Calypso 1
Crew: Captain Victor Alonso
Extra: The adventures of a non sailor
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