Suave Sailing on NAHANE

“A wet sheet and a flowing sea, / A wind that follows fast / And fills the white and rustling sail / And bends the gallant mast.”

13 June 2010 | Vancouver, B.C


13 June 2010 | Vancouver, B.C
We are in the process of selling our acreage in Langley and moving to our new condo in Whiterock. Boat's on the hard getting some repair work done and some spit and polish on the hull which we hope will be finished by June 24th or thereabouts. We plan on spending a week or so touring the San Juans with family before planning our extended trip to Desolation Sound and the Broughtons.......what the hey.....maybe we'll head up to Alaska...that's what happens when you're SUAVE SAILING!
Vessel Name: NAHANE
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 49
Hailing Port: Vancouver, B.C.
Crew: Francis & Pat Sauve
About: Fulfilling the retirement dream albeit slowly. Working on cutting the land ties and gaining some sailing experience before sailing off into the sunset. Enjoying summers in the Pacific Northwest.
Extra: Our Boat Name NAHANE (pronounced Na-haw-nee) means “people of the west” and is the name of a tribe of Indians who occupied the region of British Columbia and Yukon Territory between the Coast range and the Rocky mountains. Our logo depicts a west coast Haida porpoise.
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Who: Francis & Pat Sauve
Port: Vancouver, B.C.