Namani at Sea

The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani

30 June 2014 | Peaks Island, ME
10 June 2014 | Tarrytown, NY
19 May 2014 | Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia
09 May 2014 | Sydney
06 May 2014 | Cairns, QLD
04 May 2014 | Cairns, QLD
01 May 2014 | Yorkey's Knob Boat Club
29 April 2014 | Anchored in Pioneer Bay, Palm Islands, QLD
26 April 2014 | Macona Inlet, Hook Island/Whitsundays
17 April 2014 | Rosslyn Bay
14 April 2014 | Pacific Creek, Curtis Island
04 April 2014 | Great Keppel Island, Queensland
02 March 2014 | Scarborough, Queensland
26 February 2014 | Scarborough, Queensland
13 February 2014 | Scarborough, Moreton Bay/Queensland
03 February 2014 | Scarborough, Moreton Bay/Queensland
12 January 2014 | Redcliffe Marina, Scarborough/Moreton Bay
07 January 2014 | Shoal Bay, Port Stephens
03 January 2014 | Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour

On the hard

26 February 2014 | Scarborough, Queensland
Namani is getting a few new coats of antifouling - a good opportunity for another shot in our "On the hard" series.

You may ask yourself though what's wrong with the most recent picture? The Namanis wearing their best t-shirts and shorts while doing antifouling?

Well, we sold Namani a day earlier and the new owner had commissioned a painter to do the antifouling - so we were just guests in that picture. Janet - the new owner - had come to look at the boat a week earlier. We went for a little sail in the bay together, and after the surveyor gave Namani a thumbs up yesterday we had a deal. Under the agreement, we will be able to live aboard Namani for another two months and will deliver the boat to Cairns by the end of April (about 900nm north of here).

A small step for mankind (not that they'll notice...), a big step for us. It's always been the plan to sell Namani at the end of this trip. Even though parting with her won't be easy, it feels like a natural conclusion to our 3-year "project" (or 8-year project if you count our first "seabbatical" in 2007/2008). She's been a fantastic boat for us and now she'll have someone else to look after. Meanwhile we'll look forward to a new chapter, starting in August back in Germany. Until then, we'll fly to Tasmania to meet with Nana's mother for a short vacation, make a good-bye stop in Sydney, and then have our good-bye sail up to Cairns. From there, we plan to hop, skip, and jump back to the fatherland with a few stops in between to visit friends along the way.
Vessel Name: Namani
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 35
Crew: Nana, Markus and Nick
About: A family of three on a cruise from the US East Coast to Australia