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The travels of Nana, Markus and Nick aboard Namani

30 June 2014 | Peaks Island, ME
10 June 2014 | Tarrytown, NY
19 May 2014 | Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia
09 May 2014 | Sydney
06 May 2014 | Cairns, QLD
04 May 2014 | Cairns, QLD
01 May 2014 | Yorkey's Knob Boat Club
29 April 2014 | Anchored in Pioneer Bay, Palm Islands, QLD
26 April 2014 | Macona Inlet, Hook Island/Whitsundays
17 April 2014 | Rosslyn Bay
14 April 2014 | Pacific Creek, Curtis Island
04 April 2014 | Great Keppel Island, Queensland
02 March 2014 | Scarborough, Queensland
26 February 2014 | Scarborough, Queensland
13 February 2014 | Scarborough, Moreton Bay/Queensland
03 February 2014 | Scarborough, Moreton Bay/Queensland
12 January 2014 | Redcliffe Marina, Scarborough/Moreton Bay
07 January 2014 | Shoal Bay, Port Stephens
03 January 2014 | Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour

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29 July 2014
We have moved our blog to, where you will also find all the old posts that were previously hosted here at Sailblogs. We'll keep Namani's Sailblogs page up for a while until we have cleaned up back links at the new location. Meanwhile new posts will only appear on

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The backshore of Peaks Island...

30 June 2014 | Peaks Island, ME
Flying home the long way
... is a special place to us. Years ago we've sat here many times, dreaming about sailing away (Nana probably as long as she can remember). Now Peaks has become both, the destination for our first Transatlantic cruise and the departure point for our more recent "Pacific Interlude". We're back where we started almost three years ago and watching the setting sun reflect off the cliff on Cushing Island from the backshore is still a special treat ;-)

Between reuniting with family and the soccer world cup our first two weeks here seem to have passed in no time. We'll be on Peaks until the end of July, trying to finish a few of the projects we have started while living on Namani before a work schedule will make this a luxury again. We're no longer "traveling aboard" as the subtitle to this blog suggests but it still feels like these last weeks belong to "the trip". Hence we may post a few more updates before this blog goes dormant (or we can resurrect it in some other form).

Back at 41N 74W...

10 June 2014 | Tarrytown, NY
Flying home the long way
Eastbound itinerary

We're back on the US Coast now, about a month after we left Namani and Australia in early May. We had a wonderful trip back with a few stops to see many old (and some new) friends along the way. Many thanks Margaret and Steve; Fenny, Howe and Elizabeth; Ken and Sylvia; Catherine and Chris; Sheila, Bill and Cecille; Sabina, Graham, Ethan and Lynden; Laura, Gary, Aiden, Gerda and Jack - it's been wonderful seeing you - you have all spoiled us with your hospitality!

We'll head up to Maine later this week - back to where we started this trip in September 2011.
Vessel Name: Namani
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 35
Crew: Nana, Markus and Nick
About: A family of three on a cruise from the US East Coast to Australia
Namani's Photos - US to Panama
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Watching a Tern fly by en route to Panama
Sunset en route to Panama
Rolling along to Panama
Re-rigging the genoa for a down-wind run after leaving Jamaica
Rain, rain, more rain! Enjoying a shower en route to Panama
Negotiating a Mola purchase after arrival in the San Blas Islands
Gybing the spinnaker pole en route to Panama
Nicky and Bill enjoying a ride under Parasailor en route to Panama
The crew before leaving Port Antonio, Jamaica
Nicky and mom en route to Panama
Nana on the foredeck
Sorrel and ginger for Jamaica
School aboard Namani en route to Panama
Sunset the first night out of Jamaica
Bill, Nana and the Hydrovane en route to Panama
Approaching the San Blas Islands on 05DEC
Nicky enjoying the ride to Jamaica
Setting up the guys for the whisker pole en route to Jamaica
Holding on while cooking dinner
Sunset over Cuba
Music break under way
Nana at the helm after leaving Mayaguana
Dinner time
Cooking at an angle
A reef shark visiting us in the Bahamas
Dinghy ride in Mayaguana
Nicky checking out a hurricane victim in Mayaguana
The government complex in Mayaguana
Walking on Main Street in Mayaguana
Candle light dinner under starry skies at anchor off Mayaguana
Nicky investigating a sand dollar
Nicky taking the plunge
School time on Namani
Markus and Scully on Mayaguana
De-salting the auto pilot
Shaking out reef a few miles out from Mayaguana
Being rudely awoken by a wave that swamped the cockpit
Nana checking the rigging underway
Crusing along to warmer lattitudes
Reading at an angle
Any ships?
Night time reading
Nicky the Navigator
Leaving the East Coast, out of Charleston, SC
Poling out the genoa between Beaufort and Charleston
Out of Beaufort, NC
Passage planning with Bill in Beaufort
Look what we caught - with Henry in Beaufort