19 February 2015 | Marietta, GA

Preparations for Key's

19 February 2015 | Marietta, GA
Christina/freaking cold 22
Okay, So spring break here we come. We have already installed a new Bimini top for shade this spring, last spring we had none. Our new sails are on. We have gotten to test them out twice since we got back from last key's trip. We have also added a 31 gallon Tank, comparable to a 5 gallon it is going to be nice not to have to conserve so much. I know I shouldn't be too excited since were not living on it completely and it is only for 8 days. working on re-arranging the batteries, and storage lockers so that we can have everything nice and tight. Updating the galley a bit with easy accessible to kitchen stuffs. Learning that I need to be since able with in how much of what (pots and pans) i really need as well as plates n such.

Gearing up on what the menu will be for the duration. As well as food storage changes if at all possible.
Vessel Name: Dragonfly
Vessel Make/Model: McGregor 26X
Crew: Tracey, Christina
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