The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Visiting Peter and Lynn

Thursday 20 February 2020
Well, we have made the dash north, readied and had Nelleke hauled, and now, we have driven to Durham. We were up early to take advantage of the hotel room and to have a last tub and shower before we toddled up to the cafe which...

A day to tool around

Wednesday 19 February 2020

O fabroous jay.
Today is the day,
We put Nelleke away
up on the hard.

She will be well looked after and cared for by the staff here at Deltaville Yachting Centre. We are getting...

Getting Nelleke Ready

Tuesday 18 February 2020
Today was a sort of reverse day. We spent most of it getting our rental car and packing to leave. The packing included groceries which will spend a day or two in the fridge in the hotel room. There is nothing like packing to...

Deltaville. At last!

Monday 17 February 2030
We're here, at last, in Deltaville. As you can probably tell from the tone of the blog in several places, the trip here trip here has not been without stress, there has been considerable excitement and not all of the positive...

Sunday at Mathews

Sunday 16 February 2020
What a relief! We have managed the 1065 statute miles from Stuart to Deltaville in 28 days which included a three night stop in New Smyrna Beach to visit Ken and Sherri and a two day repair stop in Jacksonville plus three days at...

Aaaaallllmmmmooooossst theeeerre.

Saturday 15 February 2020

What a damn cold day!

We left the Waterside Marina at four AM to make sure the we got to our destination at Queens Creek in the daylight hours. There was more than enough light to be able...

Norfolk. At last!

Friday 14 February 2020
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

A slow start to today. We had to wait u til nine to get through the bridge and lock. Since the Centreville Bridge is closed for vehicle traffic, during rush hours the Great Bridge...

Arrival in Virginia

Thursday 13 February 2020
This is starting to look like we are almost there. Today we headed off to Great Bridge which is at the 12-mile point on the ICW where we will stop for the night and then tomorrow continue on to another marina in the heart of...

Almost done...

Wednesday 12 February 2020
Today the adventure continued to unfold. Or, should I say, unraveled. No. No. I'll stay with unfold.

Looks like the weather is not going to cooperate totally for the Albermarle Sound crossing. We were up early...

We have broken 100

Tuesday 11 February 2020
Up early again as is our habit but during the night we had decided that Coinjock today was simply too far. On the way down we left from an anchorage 30 miles this side of Coinjock and only got as far as Tusgee Anchorage on the...