The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Another wet day

30 May 2023

Last night the heavens opened and it poured! Unfortunately I had forgotten to close the skylight in the main cabin and by around midnight when I finally got around to close it the cabin floor was soaked. I guess I can look at it then...

Hanging in there


I guess we really are condemned to live in interesting times.

Here we are in Virginia, on our boat, waiting out a COVID quarantine, and back home in Nova Scotia everyone is worried about out of control wildfires. There is...

A day on the sick list

28 May 2023


What a night!

I spent most of coughing and when I slept I was congested enough that I kept Barb awake with loud, intermittent sonorous snores. Poor woman. It’s hard to get away on a boat. Long...