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Sometime Sunday and another bright one...

I had a wee rum yesterday afternoon while I was waiting for Barb to finish her shower so we could head out to Ron and Pye's place, and I began to wax philosophical. Being a sensitive soul at heart I do that occasionally and since this one was pretty good I thought that I'd share it:

You know how people that live in trailers are sometimes referred to as "trailer trash"? Well, what do they call folks that live in boat? Has anyone but me given any thought to that? Hmmmmm? I sure hope that it isn't anything as unimaginative or crass as boat trash or even floaty trash. In fact, while we were in the southern US it was made very clear to us that we shouldn't refer to ourselves at "Liveaboards" because of all the connotations that goes with that phrase with bureaucrats and politicos. We were supposed to call ourselves Cruisers, or Cruising tourists, but cruising in some circles can be misunderstood also in a negative sort of way. Instead, I had a thought - how about if we call ourselves "Flotsam"? You know what the traditional definition of flotsam is? That's stuff that finds itself in the water and moves about at the whim and will of the wind and current. Sounds pretty much like what we do isn't it? Yep. Flotsam. I like that. Best of all it'll take a year of Sundays before some petty bureaucrat or politico figures it out. Maybe never if no one explains it to them. So here we go. If you like it too, just start referring to yourself as Flotsam, and if you haven't made the break yet then you are Dreaming of Flotsam, and for those that never do then they are Flotsam Wannabes. Of course, if you happen to be one of those for whom the cursing lifestyle has been thrust upon you, then of course you are Jetsam. Food for thought, anyway.

Today was a day for relaxing and more work on finishing off projects. One thing that came out of the work Barb did to put together the storage area under the nav station is that she scored a nice piece of wood that we will be able to use for the desk in the office. It had been a shelf and is just the right size for a laptop with a small area for a mouse pad. After we get the cabin cleared of all outdoor projects, I guess that'll be my next and last project before casting off.

We have a buyer for the old GPS unit that we have up for sale. I think that we are offering it for a really good price since it has two chips in it that are worth $120 each alone and we are selling the whole package - plotter, antenna, and the two chips for $150. The only problem was that this morning we had to fish out the antenna and Barb has been giving me a huge amount of help in accomplishing just that. I don't think she fully understands how much her help is worth given that most of the other work that I have done has been alone and running wire between cabins is simply no fun at all and taking it out is even worse, especially since I tend to be a bit cranky about things like that. Our neighbour refers to it as marriage bonding since we would either make our relationship stronger or get divorced. We took the opportunity to put up the new GPS antenna for the Class B AIS unit that we bought and discovered that we will need to get an extension for it as it is simply too far from the computer to be able to run the cable without one. Sigh! More money.