The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Time rolls on and out, as it were...

We are still working on the boat projects. Barb is by far the busiest trying to make up for all the time she lost when we had my project stuff scattered on the salon table. She has been busy making a new seat cover for the stool at the nav station and inside steering station, a flag bag, and bags for the fishing poles so that we can store them on deck without them being damaged by weather etc. Also to quote her, she is "Tidying flat surfaces!" Praise be. Perhaps she has found the cure to flatsurfaceitis.

I, on the other hand, have been running around trying to get the radar repaired (good news there apparently. It works and they want me to bring out our chart plotter so that we can test it and get it to work in their presence. Looks like that will be on Monday.) Still no work from the welder, as sad as I am to be doing it, I am looking at contingency plans. It is too late to get another welder into the picture so I am looking at something that I could do as a temporary measure that I would make from hardwood. The idea of something with a lower profile that is hinged to we can board via the stern swim ladder would seem to be by far the simplest and quickest solution. Then, if the welder can ever fit us into his schedule, it won't be too expensive an item to simply toss.

I have also finally found the right cable to connect the flat screen monitor to the boat's PC so we can watch movies. Turns out it was a VGA cable and not a serial cable as I originally thought. Now I just need the power plug which Kevan of MarineNav has promised me that either he or one of his engineers would bring down for us.

I have been struggling with the aft head. I really HATE that corrugated waste hose! That stuff is murder to get a good seal on when you attach it to a smooth surface even using the specialized adaptor fittings that you can buy for $3.65Cdn. It is almost impossible to judge how tight to make the hose clamps that you have to apply after twisting the fitting onto the hose, especially if there is any bend in it. There is always a tiny leak. I have taken a last resort attempt of using some pvc glue to marry the two surfaces and it is drying as I write this. I'll let you know how that experiment works out.

We are about to take a break and have a shower and head over to Sempre Vivens for her birthday party. A break will be good and a party is always nice. We are also hoping to see our friends Alan and Heather Uren tonight if they can get away from their projects to visit.