The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Passages departs but there are still plenty of boats at Velcro....

Last night wasn't quite so cold again, but still no wind so the wind generator isn't pulling its share of the workload. Not its fault, I suppose, but still frustrating. This morning we ran the engine to heat up some water for the dishes. That seems to be the routine here, wake up, have breakfast, start the engine to heat water and coincidentally partially charge the batteries, walk the dog, then on to boat chores. I am going to have to get used to wearing less clothes again. For a while it will be a little odd - getting up and dressing a bit warmly and as the day progresses taking layers off and then putting them all back on again for the night. We'll have to do that at least for the next little while until the warm weather is truly back.

One pseudo-sad chore today was to pass the mooring bridle form Passages to Nelleke as they departed for Fort Pierce. Karin's Mom is going in for an operation and they are going to be there for practical and emotional support. I was speaking to Ed this morning and he hopes to be back on the waterway by sometime next week, so who knows? Perhaps we will still be three boats heading across to the Bahamas together. Eric and Cori are having a fair amount of work done on Further: a leak in the muffler is being patched, they are having a support for the wind generator made up, and they are hooking up the electrics for the solar panels that they installed in Fernandina Beach. Their departure will be dependent upon when the welding shop can get their jobs done and then how long it will take Eric to get their side of the work installed. As for Nelleke, we are waiting for the pet papers to arrive from the Bahamas as well as for a holding tank air line filter to arrive from Defender. The filter arrived but it was the wrong one so it will be going back for an exchange or refund.

We went to look at the Monk Roughwater Trawler yesterday and were seriously impressed. If you're interested here is the broker's website. Just go check on the Boats for Sale tab on the left side of the first web page: www.paradiseyachtsales.net The boat has been well maintained and to say that it would be a comfortable place for a liveaboard couple like us would be an understatement, but our main issue is the electronics and electrical kit aboard. It is all over 20 years old and has none of the toys that we have come to be used to aboard Nelleke. We'd have to replace them all including the autohelm and none of them are either SeaTalk or NMEA capable so they are all stand alone, independent operation equipment. Not what we are used to or prefer. If I have an independent and inexhaustible supply of funds, I would be seriously considering it.

We took a wee hike into the Beach area of town just to see the sights and check out the tourist traps. Most of the restaurants were fairly high end with a couple of "Grills" and one or two Soup and Sandwich joints but nothing that I would feel that I could go into and spend a minimum amount of money on a meal dressed in cruising attire. Regardless, the beach itself is beautiful other than the numerous dead fish littering the sands.

We changed the oil and filter on Paula Perkins today and while so doing we noticed that there was some fluid in the bilge that turned out to be some outflow from the holding tank. (Sigh!) Up will come the floorboards and I'll get Barb to pump the head while I look for any squirt-squirt-squirt. Of course there will be lots of air freshener on hand too. Goodie! My all time favourite job!