The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

A total relaxin’ day, jus’ sittin’ on the dock o’ the Cay! Watchin’ the bo-oats jus’ rockin’ and sway....

'Twas a very calm night last night with the harbour mirror calm. It made for a very comfortable night in the bunks but also for no power generation to the house bank. Thank heavens for AHrs but still we had to run the engine a bit today to recharge the batteries. That's one of the prices that we must pay for all the toys that we have aboard.

We made a brief trip over to Tradewinds, the compound on Dickie's Cay adjacent to Man-o-War where Barry and Marcia have their home. Barry took us out to try our hand at fishing again and again with no luck although he had two, what he refers to as "expressions of interest" from something aquatic. I, on the other hand, only caught weeds. Barb and I went snorkelling in the calm waters of the harbour and watched the clams feeding and small minnows playing about in the dock pilings. It was fun but not as much as if we could have been snorkelling off the reef or hauling in mutton snappers or something like that. Oh well, we have more time.

We went ashore to have a look around and Barb has convinced me to yet again get in touch with my feminine side and persuaded me to buy myself a coral coloured Hawaiian shirt. What makes it special is that it is made of a material called Androsian (sounds rather Star Trekish, doesn't it?) and is made here in the Bahamas. I have to confess I kinda like it and I'll be wearing it to the "do" tonight.

Which brings me to the point......in spite of the weather (stompin' winds) we are all going to gather at Tradewinds to say TTFN to Wendy from Patty Jean who is flying home to Calgary, sub zero temperatures, and shovelling snow tomorrow. We'll all have to take special care of Jim once she's departed as he'll be totally "bach"-ing it until his brother joins him at the end of the month, then I don't know. What do you call it when two guys are together without benefit of female company and they aren't of the "alternate lifestyle" persuasion?