The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

What a day ....

.... what a beee-yut-i-ful day! This is what we were expecting the winter to be like throughout. None of that freezing weather, huddling in sleeping bags and dead fish, thank you very much.

Mary Lou and Jay have gone to visit his Mom but even that wasn't without adventure. They had reserved a car with Hertz, but they are getting more like the airlines with over booking and then just expecting to be able to say "Sorry!" to their disappointed customers. I mean, what us the point of reservations if it doesn't result in something waiting for you when you expect it? In the end after staring down the clerk in the store and refusing to let him answer the phone and deal with other customers as they come in the door, eventually, just to get rid of them they got the first car turned in.

If that wasn't enough, both of their outboards are having problems and are in with Vinnie, the fellow that fixed Suzuki-san when we were in here before for repairs. We took them in to the dock to see them on their way and then brought their dingy back out to Screech for while they are visiting family.

Then the rumour mill here at Vero was circulating that Further was having problems. Apparently they were delayed in their haul out and while waiting they tied up alongside a piling dock and somehow managed to damage their wind generator and mast that they had just installed. If that wasn't enough, the alternator on their engine decided to pack it in at that point too. Here's hoping that it's a simple fix like an alternator belt or a connection rather than the diodes being damaged somehow.

We have taken the dingy and explored north of the anchorage through the inlets and lagoons of the residential area of the town. We have found a small dingy beach adjacent to a public picnic area where we could travel to to walk across the road to the main beach on the Atlantic. This is clearly the money area of the town and the dingy ride was very pleasant. After which we took a walk along the beach, had an ice cream for lunch and found a new lock for the dingy chain, the old one being totally corroded. That is one thing that everyone recommends - lock your dink while ashore and sometimes even on your boat in Florida and the Caribbean, but especially Florida.

Other than that today has been idyllic! Even the electrical system are behaving like I had intended it to. With the fridge getting a supply of fresh air and the freezer not having its cooling vents clogged with cat hair the solar panels caught up with the overnight usage by noon and the sound of the wind generator shutting down was music to my ears.

Barb has cooked her famous fish chowder for dinner tonight and since she always makes loads, for several other nights in the future. Check out "Son of a Sea Cook" when it comes out, which should be fairly soon, for the recipe.