The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

The front comes through

Another day at the mooring tied up beside Screech, and at around noon the long expected and awaited front came through. Hanging on a mooring that you don't know is always a bit nerve wracking in strong conditions. Is the chain good? Is the weight suitable? We have to rely on the fact that during the high season there are often as many as three boats tied up to each of the moorings so one has to assume that they are strong enough. We are watching the weather forecasts closely and hoping that it doesn't get any worse. As it is we have been spared the rain but the winds are gusting over thirty and while I like the fact that the wind generator is putting charge back onto the batteries I am not looking forward to a night riding this.

The front came through at about 17h00 which we knew from the downpour and the wind shift and what a wind shift! The wind came around nearly 270 degrees! But then it dropped and as I am writing this getting ready to post for the day there is only about 10 knots maximum and mostly it is less. Clearpoint is calling for relative calm, but it is also calling for the cold front to come through at midnight, so either there are two fronts or someone has their wires crossed. Time will tell, I guess.

Whoops! I spoke too soon. There was a clap of thunder so the front is still in the neighbourhood.

I didn't get too many boat chores done today, in fact, only one, but that one is the one that will let us use the forward head while connecting to the holding tank again without worrying about leakage, so I guess it was an important one.

We are starting to look at moving on to Canaveral. Truth be told, the only thing that is keeping us here is our wait for some parts that I have ordered and are having shipped to the marina. After that it will be ta-ta-for-now or TTFN as we used to say when we were kids. This is a nice place to stay but after a while there is little to keep you here unless this has become the destination, which for a lot of folks it has.