The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

What a change in climate!

Last night was so different from the night before; absolutely clear skies and a cool breeze. So cool, in fact that we had to crawl into our sleeping bags again. Not as bad as before we left for the Bahamas, but it was very pleasant to have to snuggle under the covers and to appreciate the hound when he crawled in beside us.

The marina staff here are excellent! I had a long chat with them this morning about the best spot to view the shuttle launch, and they told me not to bother trying to get to the small park just adjacent to the marina. Apparently the end of the dock that we are tied up on is the best spot to view things from. They did also mention that it is not likely that we'll actually see the shuttle on the pad since there is a row of trees in the way, but since the launch is in the morning before dawn they will have floodlights on it so we will know exactly where to point the cameras. How neat is that?

I have ordered the engine hose for the cooling system and some specialty clamps to hold it in place once I install it. Hopefully that will put a stop to the leaks in the cooling system that is contributing to the overheating problem that we have with Paula Perkins. I also ordered the water pump to complete the install for the watermaker system. That's the one that costs $60 but the character at Edwin's Boatyard No 1 in Man-o-War Cay wanted $250 for after telling me that it would cost $150. Just goes to show you, doesn't it?

We also had a bit of sedate excitement at the marina this morning. All along Barb has wanted to see a manatee up close and has only ever been able to see ripples in the distance. Well, today there was one right behind the boat in the marina in the space between the row of docks that we are in and the one next to us. It was either very old or had been sick or something for it had a significant covering of plant growth on its back and all the other ones that I have seen are smooth skinned, perhaps a little wrinkly and often scarred but never with a lot of growth on it. But it stayed in the marina for an hour or so just breathing at the surface so Barb got her close up look. I was tempted to put the dingy in the water to get closer, but there are signs up all over the place to leave them alone so we did.

I rewired the stuff that I had done the other day to hook the water heater up to the AC power board but with which I had somehow managed to cut off the power to all the AC plugs in the boat. Turned out that the wire that I thought took the power to the water heater was actually the one that supplied power to the wall plugs. Oops!

Meanwhile I have confirmed that our order for the pre-amp power supply for the TV antenna has been shipped and it should get here in another day or two. I know that it sounds pathetic that we are here in the sunny south and are looking to hook up a TV, but really, I don't like going to bed as soon as it gets dark and I would like to balance reading with watching some mindless drivel.