The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

I recognize this spot!

Still no wifi connection but I will write this up anyway.

A pounding day with forecast winds of 15 knots that ended up gusting up to 30 even on the ICW. You know there is a breeze when you can see white caps on the intercoastal.

We decided at about 09h00 that we were not after all going to spend an extra day at Marsh Landing. Not that we wouldn't have like to but tempus fugit and home is calling so we set off up the ICW and before long we were very glad that we did. The winds steadily picked up and by noon they were blowing pretty good on the nose and we were bucking the tidal current to the trip that should have taken five hours ended up taking six and a half. I am still babying the engine so we didn't run here above 1250 rpm but in those cases where we had relatively still water we were getting 5.5 knots which indicates that the changing of the transmission fluid is bearing dividends. However, when we were pushing the current and the wind as we were in Sapelo Sound we were fortunate to get 3 knots over the ground and in some cases less.

We made it to the beach at the northern mouth or Walberg Creek and dropped the hook in good bottom mud for the night, took Peri ashore for his long awaited trot and settled n for Screech to arrive. They had left a little later since they had some work to do with the post office and could rev their Perkins up higher and it is something like 80 hp vs our meagre 65. Mary Lou is doing dinner tonight - Pasta -yumm!