The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Stopped at Old Port Comfort Marina

Today was very short in duration but at least we are at the spot that we intended to be last night. This is a very nice spot and the security of staying on a base is very nice to enjoy.

We set off this morning in the early hours in an attempt to miss the wind if it picked up again as the day progressed. Even though we still were facing 20+ knots on the nose for the entire trip. What fun! At one point we thought that we might need a tow from TowBoatUS due to both the wind and the fact that I couldn't keep the engine RPMs up but we managed to limp into the marina here by about 10h00. We have a nice spot on a floating T-dock with all the amenities. We got luck in that the marina manager happened to be at work on Mother's Day Sunday and we were able to clear all of our paperwork today rather than on Tuesday, so that was handy. The one thing about this place is that we are so far from the office that we can't make contact with the wifi antenna. I guess we can't have everything.

Koz arrived around noon with the replacement water pump and we installed it to loud cheers as it began to pump and shut down as it reached operating pressure. He was then good enough to show us around the base here and we had a quick tour of the museum inside the old fort. This is a really interesting piece of American history as both Robert E Lee served here as a young Lieutenant, indeed, the was one of the designers (I hadn't realized that he was an engineer by trade) and Jefferson Davis also served here as a young officer before he went on to become the first and only President of the Confederacy. So too did Edgar Allan Poe spend part of his military career within these walls. We only spent a short time there so I think that we'll be adding an extra day here so that we can do it properly. We got back to the boat to find that the new pump had failed too, the problem being exacerbated by the fact that my VOM picked exactly that time to decide to pack it in as well. (Sigh!) Fortunately as I was trying to find the Base Exchange to see if I could buy another one, I stumbled across a couple of fellow who were working on their lawns and one of them offered to give me one of his. Of course I would accept it but I did take it on loan and it proved invaluable for me to show that there was a problem with the pump and not my wiring. I have had it with Jabsco pumps - the old one' pressure sensor failed, and there is something wrong with the armature on the new one. West Marine had found me another competitor's pump for 24VDC and about the same money, and Koz had agreed once again to bring it out to us.

I did Barb a spaghetti dinner for Mother's Day and we polished off ¾ of a litre of wine to salve my/our frustrations. Tomorrow I will try to do the back flush of the raw water system in the boat. Wish me luck.