The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

A changing weather day!

Today was a day of changes. This morning we walked to the local grocery store to buy a few things to re-provision and when we started we had to wear a sweatshirt due to the cold breeze. By the time we left the store the sweatshirts were stored in the backpacks and by the end of the day we were trying to entice breezes down into the boat to help us cool down. Boy. Talk about changing weather. Barb doesn't do well in extremes of temperature so I guess we are getting onward north just in the nick of time.

Steve called us early afternoon and has cancelled the evening at the yacht club. He has had a family emergency and family must come first. We are hoping that things will work out for him and perhaps we'll see him next time that we come down this way. It was great to meet him yesterday.

We spent the day getting the boat ready for the offshore junket tomorrow and it does look like we'll have about 72 hours of good window so we will definitely be able to make it to NYC and as we are underway we will decide if we want to go as far as Provincetown on Cape Cod to wait for the jump to Halifax. The Provincetown Marina has moorings apparently so we could stay on them while we await a good forecast.

We will be leaving the dock at 08h00 tomorrow and heading up to the fuel dock to fill the tanks and then we'll be off, so please don't expect a post until probably the 18th. I will try to write something every day but I am sure that we'll be out of wifi or cell phone range.

Wish us luck and calm seas.