The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Back in the Dry Groove

OK. We are back on line now. We have finished the move in; we have gotten the internet hooked up and we are both gainfully if under paid employees again, so I can add the odd post to the blog to keep it alive. I should mention that it is not likely that I'll as rigorous in posting every day as I was while we were cruising as I simply don'twant to bore every one with my stirring tales of getting up out of bed and going in to work and then going home again. But when we have interesting stuff to talk about we will.

My job is back at the Binnacle (see link in the right side of the home page of our blog) only this time I have been hired on as the rigger and I'll do other stuff when I'm not busy rigging or when they are very busy. I quite enjoy rigging so I am very happyat that, plus I will have ready access to a lot of the stuff that we'll need to re-kit Nelleke when we go back south.

I have contacted MarineNav and made arrangements for them to recondition the ship's computer and we have taken the sails over to Eric at UK sails to have some of them reconditioned and others replaced. He has even said that he has a reconditioned asymetrical that he will sell to us. That will be neat. I have always wanted a spinnacker to help with the downwind legs in light air.

Chris, our son, has been visiting for the last week and we have enjoyed having him back in our life again. He has become quite a gorilla at 6'3" and 240 which I am sure helps him a lot in his career as a prision guard in one of Canada's max pens. I would rather him work at almost anything else, but this is what he has gravitated to and apparently is quite good at it. He heads back west tomorrow and the appartment will seem empty, all the more so as daughter Kayt has been visiting with her boyfriend and his 3 year old son and they'll be leaving tomorrow too.