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Televised “debate”

Since I have been "on the hard", I have once again become moderately addicted to the one-eyed God, or the boob tube as it is sometimes known. In particular I have been drawn to the various news shows such as CNN, BBC and CBC and the news documentaries that all the networks also air. Setting aside the bigoted drivel such as Glen Beck and Nancy Grace, I have been more than a little startled and a whole bunch disappointed at the so called debate that happens even on the really good documentary news shows such as Anderson Cooper on CNN. The people on any side of an argument that appear don't want to discuss an issue, all they want is their few moments on a national network to voice their opinions and simply couldn't be less interested in listening to the other fellow make theirs except to listen for a point that contradicts theirs whereupon they immediately try to talk or shout over them. The only purpose that I can see for this is to try to make sure that the other side of the argument does not get heard, hardly the epitome of free speech. And less there are some blog lurkers who think that I am once again picking on my friends to the south let me assure you that the same thing applies to the shows here in Canada and in the UK only we are a little more subtle about it and also in France (if you speak French) but they are not polite about it at all.

I mean, for those of you that know me personally and some of you that can read between the lines in these postings, I confess to being a nosey parker and I like to hear all five sides to an argument, but if there are two tactics that will turn me against any point of view they are: outright lying like the medical and pharmaceutical lobbies did about the Canadian universal medical system in their attempt to torpedo Obama's medical reforms in the US, and talking over the other guy when he or she is trying to make their point in a debate. Both are just ignorant and, I think, tends to indicate that they have a weak case simply on merits.

End of my rant, or as I would prefer to think of it, as my reasoned and informed opinion. Don't try to argue with me. I'll just type over you!