The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Working on projects and reading other sailor’s blogs!

The title says what I have been doing over the last couple of days. It feels really odd to be in an apartment on the third floor rather than on the boat. The floor feels so...so...so solid!?

I have been hoping that the projects that I have been working on would distract me from thinking too much about how dirt bound we are. The two specific projects consist of putting together the e-pamphlets that I have been talking about. The question that I have been asking myself while putting them together is, "If I knew little about this particular subject, would what I am writing, and the photos that I am taking help to make it more clear?" If the answer was anything less than, yes, absolutely, then I would redo it. As you can imagine I have had quite a few redos but I am getting past the halfway point with the drogue construction project. Another factor that has been slowing me down is that in order to get the photos of the various stages of construction and the parts before being installed, I have had to make a new one. It doesn't hurt to have two of them aboard especially since the whole thing folds down to about the size of a small briefcase or laptop case.

However that doesn't distract me from reading other, more fortunate folk's cruising blogs. It's a kind of bitter sweet thing when I can't do it myself for the moment to have to read about the adventures of others. Silverheels III way, way down south almost to South AMerica, Moonlight Maid a little further north, Iolite on the way to Charleston and points south, Close Knit in northern Florida, Trio Con Brio's crew on their way to rejoin the boat in Georgetown, and Gypsysails departing New Bern for southern climes, to name just a few. Sigh!

News flash: There have been some really odd things happening today. As I walked Peri there must have been nearly a dozen people that drove by that honked their horns and game me a huge smile and waved. I'm a friendly sort of fellow but none of these people were anyone that I knew. It was really freaky! I started to wonder if I had left home without my trousers or something. Maybe they just liked Peri, but he is so small and half the time he was off in the verge so they couldn't have seen too much of him so, all modesty aside, I don't think that was it. I just don't think what it could be. If I get abducted or something ......