The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Yuck! Another wet one…

It rained last night, but at least nothing like the one we had a few nights previously and it certainly wasn’t snow. Trouble is the rain continued into the day which put a damper on the out door projects and of course poor old Peri, the incredible melting dog, does so dislike his poop-ambulations when he is wet. He gets about so far and then does his impression of drowning and starts tugging to come home pooped or not; peed out or not. I will say one thing about Virginia, it may be for Lovers, it is definitely beautiful and the people that we have met here are great, but they certainly don’t do the rain thing by halves.

So, today we did another car related chore. We have needed to go to a RBC branch to get ourselves set up with some changes to our debit and VISA cards, most notably so that we can pay them off on line like I can at home with the Canadian accounts. I also want to put the cell phone as an account that I can pay on line. I have tried to blunder my way through on line and get the telephone help service from some outsourced chap in Dehli and although we have made progress, we have decided that the best course of action would be to head on in to a branch and get it done under guidance. The branch where our account is situated is in Norfolk so, why not, that’s where we decided to go. Another lovely drive along the highways and byways through the Virginia countryside. I must say that I am astounded by the highway system here in the east coast of the US. The closest thing that I can compare it to would be if you were to take a pot of spaghetti and dump it out on the ground only the pasta would be pavement and of course a lot larger. Big roads, small roads, multi lane roads, country roads, private roads, roads everywhere and cars filling most of them. Amazing, and no small amount frightening to us country mice. Regardless, the trip was worth is as we have discovered how to deal with the finances and I, at least am a lot more comfortable about it.

Once we returned to Nelleke, we found the wind to have picked up and the yard pretty much flooded. Nevertheless it was time to get busy on the “rainy day” boat projects:

I have begun the computer drawer project. Basically this entails putting a shelf drawer under the nav station to contain the computer. I want it to be able to slide back and forth so that I can get at the back of it to adjust the wiring after the install is finished since it has been my experience that the install is never actually finished and when you fasten something down on a boat it is almost an invitation for something else required to be done and back in you go. On a drawer all I will have to do is pull it out. Since the MarineNav has a remote push button on-off that includes a USB port, other than to slide DVDs in the drive, once properly installed, we really should have no reason to pull out the drawer. Today I took the measurements and marked them out on the wood which we have already acquired ready for cutting tomorrow.

I also moved the mirror from the middle cabin into the aft head and took the measurements for the bookshelf that I am going to build above the printer in the office. We have pretty much decided that will be where we put our cruising guides. It will make it a lot easier to find one when we move into a different district. In the past it has been a dive into one of the lockers and rooting around for a plastic Ziploc with the necessary book. Now it will be a much more civilized browse through a shelf and a casual, “Let’s see, Chesapeake to Miami…..oh yes….here it is.”

That’s it. Doesn’t sound like much but with 5 hours taken out of the middle of the day but with the road trip I am well satisfied.